Comments for ‘Enchanted Tiki Room’ to reopen on Aug. 15 at Walt Disney World, minus ‘new management’

Enchanted Tiki Room

Credit: Disney


  1. EricJ

    “Und now for our wunderbar magic trick, New Management….(lights match) We make you disappear!” 🙂

  2. frostysnowman

    I’m so happy Disney is getting rid of the New Management gimick. I think it really took away from how great this attraction is, especially after seeing the original at Disneyland again last year.

  3. djdrew

    I think I’m the only one who is really bummed about this as Aladdin and lion king are two of my favorite Disney movies ever, and they’re really under represented attraction wise in the parks. I really love the preshow with the late Phil Hartman as well. I guess they’ll have to change that also? I can’t remember what was there before that. The under new management was a huge part of my Disney memories.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Phil Hartman’s voice is the only thing I’ll miss about the “Under New Management” version. Iago and Zazu are great characters… but not in this attraction.

    2. EricJ

      Always used to say, “Why is animatronic Iago bothering the Tiki Birds, when there’s already more Aladdin than the park knows what to do with RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER?”
      (I’d have rather have seen a setup corner for Aladdin meets, and have a live-voiced Iago heckle them.)

      1. djdrew

        the carpets are great for kids, but they don’t have any of the story of the movie in the parks.

  4. Even though the nature of Iago’s character is to be abrasive, the “story” of the UNM incarnation was incredibly disrespectful to the legacy of the original show and its creators, rather than paying some tribute to it and then as is how it should have been.

    Whoever green-lighted that whole fiasco should be strung up.

    Looking forward to a more traditional presentation now.

    1. “…tribute to it and them…”

    2. EricJ

      It was Paul Pressler, and his legendary paranoia that modern grownup guests “hated” the old Walt-era parks, that low numbers “proved” how much it was an embarrasment and how much the audience loathed it, and that the audience now only wanted to see 90’s-movie tie-ins.
      But when he converted DLR’s Swiss Family Treehouse to Tarzan’s Treehouse, it didn’t have HALF the personal venom and bile written into the script…Paul personally wanted to grab a baseball bat and club those low attendance numbers for revenge, and the bloodlust showed.

      (Fortunately, he later got that job working for the Gap, and…got kicked out of that one, too.) 🙂

    3. djdrew

      I strongly disagree with the fact that it was disrepecetful to add them to the show…they paid homage to the original attraction keeping much of it in tact. However it did bring some of the “classic” i.e. old music that younger generations weren’t aware of. While adding the parodies of friend like me and hakuna matata. The even kept in the disappearing act at the end. I’m truly sad that they are reverting back to the original attraction.

      1. “Now listen, you bird-brains! If you wanna keep your jobs, you gotta get hip.”

        “…you guys will all have ME to thank when they’re linin’ up at the door…”

        “…you are boring Tiki birds, I’m a big cele-birdy…that’s why I’m gonna go and change the show…”

        “…get a life you guys, you’re ancient history…”

        “…it’s a whole new world, so you’d better get hip, or your audience will disappear…”

        Not disrespectful, eh?

        The Disneyland show stayed intact–even through its recent refurb. Think they did that because the show was obsolete, boring, not hip, and the audience disappeared?

        It’s a free society and all are entitled to their opinions…mine will always be that UNM was an abomination and a betrayal of the show’s legacy–not to mention that of the visionary and his design team behind it.

        By all means, bring back the magic.

        1. frostysnowman

          I agree! My daughters (5 and 11) have seen UNM many times. Then they saw the original in Disneyland last year and they both preferred it.

  5. AudreyW

    That’s fine…but I really really REALLY hope they keep the Phil Hartman bird….that’s just legendary! And if I remember right, it should not affect the show still 🙂

    1. djdrew

      it will affect the show as he was added to the preshow when they’re talking about agents and who has the rights to big bird and donald duck.

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