‘Enchanted Tiki Room’ to reopen on Aug. 15 at Walt Disney World, minus ‘new management’

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Enchanted Tiki Room

Credit: Disney

Disney has announced the return of Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room to the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World will take place two weeks away, on August 15, 2011. Once called “Tropical Serenade” and “The Enchanted Tiki Birds,” the show first debuted on the Magic Kingdom’s opening day, ultimately being remade into “The Enchanted Tiki Room – Under New Management” featuring Iago from “Aladdin” and Zazu from “The Lion King.”

While fans of the original tended to dislike the “new management” version, it stuck around since 1998 through earlier this year, when a fire put it out of commission. Now Disney is taking the opportunity to return the attraction to a classic variation, featuring the songs and comedy of José, Fritz, Michael and Pierre as the feathered stars of the show.

The newest incarnation of the attraction will be called “Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room” with plans to pay tribute to the Disneyland original, which was a groundbreaking attraction for its pioneering use of Audio-Animatronics figures. According to Disney, movements of the birds who sing words were created “when solenoid coils hidden inside receive signals recorded onto magnetic tape.”

More than 200 birds, flowers and tikis form the show, which is now being upgraded with newer technology, including remastered audio, energy-efficient lighting, and a better control system.

Disney has noted that August 15 is “tentatively” the reopening date of the attraction, so it’s possible it will open sooner – or later. Either way, guests of the theme park will soon “sing like the birdies sing” once more, without that pesky new management.

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