Vampires to be paired with Las Vegas theme in Howl-O-Scream 2011 haunted house at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is slowly offering hints for its 2011 line-up of haunted houses at their annual Howl-O-Scream event. It was recently revealed that one new house will surround the stories of Edgar Allan Poe. Today, we’ve found out that one haunt will take visitors into the shady side of Las Vegas.

On their Facebook page, Busch Gardens posted: “Okay – so take the two scariest things in the world that start with V (no, Vayne isn’t one of them…) and put them together into one haunted house. What does that get you?”

After a handful of guess, it was revealed that “vampires” and “Vegas” are the two Vs they were looking for. They elaborated about the Vegas theme, “There is a dark, seedy side there that I think is absolutely real-life terrifying!”, continuing, “more specifically, a casino that sucks your blood AND your money…”

For a few years, Howl-O-Scream has featured a haunted house called Taste of Blood, featuring vampires around every corner. Like many repeat haunts at the event, this house has been changed around with new elements each year, so it’s possible that the Las Vegas twist is the latest addition. But it could also be an entirely new house. That detail hasn’t been revealed yet.

But it’s easy to make the comparison to what Universal Orlando has shown off for Halloween Horror Nights 21, with their event centering around a gambling theme as well (though not necessarily Las Vegas related). It won’t be the first time Busch Gardens has offered a similar idea to what Universal’s cooking up (or vice-versa). Each, however, always has their own sinister twist on the ideas, making them their own.

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