Disney creates buzz for ABC show “Pan Am” with elaborate San Diego Comic-Con booth and swag bags

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Throughout the recently-concluded 2011 San Diego Comic-Con, one of the most talked-about booths on the convention floor was for Disney’s upcoming ABC television show, “Pan Am.” The booth featured a replica airplane cabin in which visitors could comfortably sit and watch a preview of the upcoming show, often described as AMC’s “Mad Men” in the air.

Those lucky enough to secure a spot inside the cabin were treated to a Disney theme park-like experience of taking off on a jet to London, enjoying a bit of “Pan Am”, and touching down back at Comic-Con safely. Virtual windows offered a view of the takeoff and landing while the floor gently vibrated for added effect.

Video: A flight on Disney ABC’s “Pan Am” booth at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con

The show is set in the 1960s, following the adventures of Pan Am stewardesses – who were also a highlight of the convention.

On Preview Night, attendees signed up for a trip inside. With all spots filling up quickly, the remaining four days of the convention was quite hit-or-miss for anyone wanting to take a “flight” on “Pan Am”, with spots filling up fast. Via Twitter, @PanAmABC offered secret phrases for convention goers to repeat the flight attendants at the booth in order to get a ticket to get in. But with only six seats in the cabin and tens of thousands at the convention, it was tough to find a way onto this flight, leaving many to peek in the windows.

And almost everyone at San Diego Comic-Con was talking about the sleek “Pan Am” handbags that were being handed out at the booth for the lucky ones who snagged a ticket. A variety of handbag styles were available, with the most sought-after leather bags only being handed out occasionally and randomly. (You can see one lucky attendee receiving one in the video above.)

Even those wandering the streets outside the San Diego Convention Center had a chance to snag some swag, with “Pan Am” stewardesses occasionally handing out bags in the Gaslamp District.

“Pan Am” was definitely one of the most buzzed-about topics at San Diego Comic-Con and this promotion is sure to help bring an excited audience to the show’s debut on ABC on September 25 at 10 p.m.

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