Comments for Churrascaria Brazillian steakhouse experience added to Latin Quarter at Universal Orlando CityWalk


  1. Mr. EPCOT

    Minor nitpick, I’d just like to point out that the proper name of the restaurant at the Polynesian is – ‘Ohana – not Ohana’s.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Someone had better tell Disney then! 🙂 I checked it before posting this article and found this page:

      The title of that page (at the top of your web browser) calls it Ohana’s. Then on the page itself, it’s referred to as ‘Ohana many times, like you said, which is correct. But when I checked it, I made the mistake of only looking at the title of that page (which is also the title of the Google result when you search for the restaurant).

      1. Mr. EPCOT

        Somehow that doesn’t surprise me, that seems to be about the caliber of mistake that’s common on their website, lol

  2. CJ

    Very Disapointed, very bad service, bad food, not many choices on the salada bar. Poor quality !!!

  3. MB

    Don’t waste your time going to this place.Brazilian Steakhouse ?? They have no clue what’s brazilian steakhouse, They should learn a little bit before opened that place.Meat were cold,raw and dried.
    Service was terrible, very slow, not even one friendly person.

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