Comments for Video: Dance-Off with the Star Wars Stars is bigger and badder than ever during Star Wars Weekends 2011 at Walt Disney World


  1. kevin

    I’ve always dreamed of slashing ewoks…but that ewok rocked the slash himself! ROCK ON!!!!

  2. Satori vonFaust

    I’m sorry to bring this to light but the video shows the “good guys” to not be good. How? They lost the contest fairly as the audience was not intimidated by the Dark Side; the “good guys” then throw a fit and refuse to accept the decision. It encourages “poor sportsmanship” as well as encourages the young to “act out” if they do not get their way. Had they shown “good sportsmanship” they would have taken the defeat with grace and shown that it is O.K. to not ALWAYS win/get-your-way.

    I am glad that my son did not learn that when I took him for his ninth birthday. There are few worse things than telling your child that just because Star Wars/Disney showed it was good does not mean it actually is. I hope they fix this and show that it is O.K. to not always be the winner. Perhaps even encourage “more practice” for next time?

  3. Sir Scooter

    Hey Just saw your video over on Topless Robot a Sci-fi Geek site I read. I just put in a link back to the website as they referenced it from another website

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Thanks! The video is certainly spreading… as it does every year. The Dance-Off always splits fans into those who find it hugely entertaining and those who are offended by its very existence. I always enjoy it.

  4. Jane

    I nearly died watching Vader dance to Beat it! I’m not really a MJ fan but when he came out with the rhinestone glove? I nearly died laughing. My favorite was the either the Jawa with the Stormtrooper lieutennant helmets banging on the helmets while chewy was doing his ‘thing’ or the duet with the ewok and the trooper.

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