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  1. While the show did some really cool things, I feel like I would have liked it better if they either:

    A: Kept the original Fantasmic score intact (just the music composed expressly for the show)


    B: Didn’t call it Fantasmic. The show is just so different from what I expect out of Fantasmic and I still don’t know if I like it or not.

    1. Benjamin Dover

      RE: Ryan Dorn

      In regards to the title, Disney Sea management (and the Imagineers behind this show, including Steve Davidson i.e World of Color) stated that this was more of Fantasmic 2.0, building upon the “imagination” theme that was lessened to to time restraints on the original. So perhaps it would be aptly named “Fantasmic: Imagination.” However it does still stick to the Fantasmic format well, and truthfully, I am surprised that it worked so well on a 360 “stage.” On the topic of music, I am surprised how well the mix of the old soundtrack and a new score worked. I only hope that they will create a CD of it (US import probably) and that they keep this show for more than 5 years (yes, we miss you, BraviSEAmo!)

  2. Christopher Hope

    At first I wasn’t into it but they got my.As soon as I seen The loin king, stitch and angle…I was hooked.Also the villains scene and that Dragon just wowed me. This isn’t my favorite version of Fantasmic,WDW version is, but it’s could be my second.

  3. Claen

    Very neat! The dragon is always the best part. I am a sucker for the original “Imagination” music, though the fact that they kept the original “Fantasmic” theme in makes me happy.
    I need to make a round-the-world vacation to see all the different Fantasmics!

  4. Brad

    the show is really amazing, im kinda dissapointed with the dragon, they did what the first fantasmic had, a dragon head on a stick, i expected a body and bigger wings, and not using a lot of water screens really takes away from it, the concept art looked amazing, but they used inflatable globes, besides the villian and dragon part, the show is really amazing, even though my favorite versions are wdw, and disneyland’s.

  5. danny

    Disneyland’s version is still better

  6. joshdarkensins

    definitely not a big fan of this one. Im not japanese so i am not really part of their main target audience. Also i thought the technology used in the show would be a little more impressive, didnt seem like anything new was used or implemented. Also hevent seen the show in person though so i cant really say if the show is any good. personally i am a big fan of the disneyland version especially with the new murphy dragon ( when it works) =T

  7. bmwpjager

    It’s not perfect (only the original Disneyland one truly is), but this one had a more clearly defined story: this is what Mickey experienced when he put on the Sorcerer’s Hat. The idea of he villains trapping him within the Magic Mirror as really cool, and although Chernabog should have come out of Mt. Prometheus, the dragon coming form the mirror was just as amazing of an effect. I liked it alot!

  8. Mike


    Disneylands is still the king of fantasmic!, but this was interesting.

    I could almost see this work at EPCOT, lol.

    I thing my biggest issue with this is the lack of a center stage. I don’t like mickey just standing still!

    Not bad though.

  9. Stephen

    Actually, what I think this Dragon is is a prototype of the new Disneyland dragon’s head only, leaving out the body. If you watch the head, it is quite articulated as the new DL dragon is, it is just missing the full body, which is yes, disappointing. I guess they figured they’d leave out the massive structure that proved so many challenges in California.

  10. Josh

    Are all of the Fantasmics different (WDW and Disneyland)? This one obviously is, but I’m not sure about Disneyland as I’ve never seen it.

    1. Elijah

      Josh: yes all version are different, Disneyland has more character stage time, Florida has a longer villians scene. to be exact, DL has a peter pan sequence, WDW pocahontas sequence. WDW uses a remake of the steam boat, while disneyland uses the mark twain in the finale.

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