Comments for New ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ character Angelica coming to Walt Disney World on April 15


  1. Esme

    I think what you wrote about her accent is very offensive to the Hispanic Community and any aspiring actor out there with an accent.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Sorry if it was offensive, but the comment (a joke) wasn’t directed at the entire Hispanic community, only at the fact that Penelope Cruz, while a good actress, is quite difficult to understand when she speaks English. And I’m positive I’m not the only one who thinks so. Even the Pirates 4 trailer emphasizes her quick, accented speech by having her spout off a few rapid-fire lines of dialogue in Spanish. It’s done for comedic effect.

      So, again, it was a joke! 🙂 I’m sure whoever Disney hires to portray Angelica in the parks will be great – and will probably speak English more clearly than Cruz does.

    2. Christopher Thayer

      Yes, because we all know Hispanic people don’t do the same. I’m of Latino origin (I’m mixed) and I feel not at all offended. I’m more offended by people who make cases about being offended.

  2. Wild Ol' Dan

    I would be much more concerned about beautiful women of any origin who carry around large knives and swords and such…I suspect that our hero Jack Sparrow will once again be slapped hard more than once before this new adventure is over! But, there is no denyin’ that this particular new pirate is enchantingly beautiful…only problem I see is that she is the daughter of Blackbeard…he wasn’t exactly known for having a kind dispostion now was he? Aye maties, I can’t wait for this new adventure to begin…permission to come aboard Captain Sparrow? Let’s go find that fountain of youth… Wild Ol’ Dan

  3. Michele

    I love this news. I was let down that while I was going to be in the park the week leading right up to release date it seemed that Disney World was doing nothing to promote the movie while Disneyland had set up an entire outdoor theater with a pirate atmosphere for sneak peeks of the film for the entire month of April. Now I have something to look forward to- especially since my 8 year old wants to be a pirate princess when we get there. Hurray!!!

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