Comments for Disney Completes Major Construction On Aulani Resort In Hawaii



  1. Buckly

    I can’t wait to stay here! How much is it? $399? A night?!? Looks like I’ll stick with the moderates at WDW.

  2. Judith Y. Parker

    I would like to know how may handicap people were hired at the Aulani? How many seniors over 65 were hired?How many beauty queens of any kind including senior prom, homecoming, etc. were hired? How many genuinely good, common, ordinary, and happy people were hired? Am asking very sincerely and hope for a reply from someone at the top! : )

    1. Iceman

      Judith, I just completed a stay there so I’m not “at the top” in Disney or anything–just a regular guest. I can say that I met one cast member who must have been a prom queen/beauty queen/etc., several seniors, and two obviously handicapped folks. The rest, and I’m talking hundreds of folks, were the “genuinely good, common, ordinary, and happy” people you asked about. I have stayed at some of the finest and most expensive hotels and resorts in the world–Aulani won my award for the consistently best guest service, attention to detail, and overall high quality. I hope you get to visit and have the same experience I did!

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