Comments for Preview: Haunted Mansion queue enhancements add effects, tributes and include unofficial story in Disney World lore


  1. This sounds awesome. I can’t wait to see it. Hopefully it will open while I’m there this week!

  2. I’ll not mince words. This is literally the worst thing that has ever happened to any of the Mansions in their entire histories. For the first time, elements that are impossible to fit logically into the existing world of the HM are being added. Why would the ghosts that float out of the organ pipes be carved into a grave marker supposedly created years before? Why are three hitchhikers buried in the family plot (which is always what the side graveyard has been presented as)? Why are the Francis Xavier and Grandpa Marc headstones erected as if there weren’t any real bodies buried in front of them? Previous to this, you could ask any questions you liked and get an internally consistent answer, as if the world of the HM actually existed, a believable world like you would find in a good novel or good film. Now, you are not supposed to acknowledge that world by expecting logical consistency. In other words, if you wanted to appreciate the HM as art, you could, because it was. Now you are not allowed to do so.

    This is an atrocity. Shame on those who designed and approved it.

    1. Mark

      Lighten up Francis!

  3. I don’t think you realize that this is a big deal to Haunted Mansion Fans. Overall Disney fans accept this expansion with open arms because they don’t realize how perfectly coherent the attraction is.

  4. It has nothing to do with backstory; it has to do with the internal coherence you find in good art. If you have no interest is that aspect, that’s fine; you’ve always had the choice to enjoy it as just a funsy set of scenes and gags. The point is that now EVERYONE is forced to experience it that way, because the other way of appreciating it has been shattered.

    1. Not Mr. Grumpy Gills

      ‘Shattered?’ Drama queen, much? ‘Everyone’ meaning the, like, 14 people on the planet who are obsessive HM fanatics who know every version of every backstory for every character by heart? Every backstory which were largely just fan-created over the years and not exactly official anyway? Why would Disney appeal to such an exclusive group of people when the reality is that there are thousands of people that go through every day with easily-bored kids and don’t think about minute details like logical fallacies in a CHILDREN’S RIDE. It’s there for fun, not there for people to be anal about. Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez. You can still appreciate the stories. I think of it as, when you’re outside, you’re experiencing everything after the story has been told. After the experience of the Mansion has been done. Since the Mansion is so old and so well-known, they are simply making fun little references to the characters within. Like inside-jokes for people who know what to expect. Also consider that not everyone has even ridden this ride, or knows what it contains, and this provides a fun bit of foreshadowing.

      Either way, get a grip, man, it’s just the flippin queue. It’s not like they tore up the inside and wrecked it. Disney isn’t going to withhold fun (or, you know, progress) from people just to satisfy a couple of old fogeys who totally overreact to change. As a longtime student of the arts, I understand that art must progress, it cannot simply stay the same. And I appreciate the new art Disney has given us. Saying its the worst thing they’ve EVER done? Seriously, guy? Like really. Sit and think about what a big deal this is actually not, for a second. Don’t be a Mr. Grumpy Gills. Don’t let your rather fastidious attention to minute detail ruin your love of the ride. There are inconsistencies in many things. I’m sure if you really put your mind to it you could come up with some way to make everything fit, just as the first fans did way back when…

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