Comments for EXCLUSIVE: Haunted Mansion cryptogram solved, revealing hidden message in Disney World interactive queue


  1. Tryg

    Awesome Ricky! Do these symbols appear anywhere else on the HM grounds that you know of?

    Thanks for the update!

    1. Ricky Brigante

      I don’t think so… at least not that I saw. But if they ever show up, we’re ready to decode them!

  2. Aracuanbird

    Wait…I got it!


    1. Michelle Moss

      Be sure to drink your ovaltine 🙂

      1. Buckly

        A crummy commercial?

  3. Ron Schneider

    Drat! I wanted to be the first… But beautifully presented. Many thanks!! (Aracuanbird — LOL)

  4. Grinning Ghost

    I knew it! When I saw that one close up, I thought: “I bet that says ‘eerie’.” I wanted to try and solve it, but there weren’t enough good, highly-detailed photos to see all of the words/symbols.

    I’m just wondering if the key to solving it is actually hidden somewhere in the new queue…

    1. Ricky Brigante

      It could be. There are other Disney cryptograms that feature an English phrase along with the equivalent symbol phrase below it, allowing guests to solve the puzzle. But I didn’t see the same symbols anywhere else… at least not yet. But the new queue area is not “officially” open yet, so maybe the key is yet to come.

  5. Walkingdisneyfreak

    Awesome job! I wasn’t talented enough to solve it myself tho lol. By the way, is there any word on when this new queue will be opened?

    1. Ricky Brigante

      It’s supposed to officially open by the end of the month.

  6. Wow. Brilliant additions to the queue, it all just makes you feel like a child again.Everything about this experience represents the best thing on Disney. Rock n roll!

  7. I’m a year late, but this is expertly done. Somehow the news that the code had been cracked had completely eluded me until today. In fact, I had completely forgotten about it, and just happened to stumble onto this post. Very nice!

  8. Well done. Do I dare say…Ricky, that’s Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. That is amazing. I’ve seen the new queue multiple times now and never noticed the symbols, or thought that there might be more to them. Thanks for sharing!

  10. scott

    I didn’t know this at all. But it got me thinking. Does this refer just to the books that pop out or are these letters on non moving books or both? Now if it is on moving books does the message change if you follow the letters in order of the moving books? Maybe there is a different ke associated with that message if there is one.

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