Comments for First Look: DuckTales comic book launches in May from Disney, BOOM! Studios and Epic Mickey creator Warren Spector


  1. Roddy Barros (MKCustodial)

    They published about 8 months of DuckTales stories in the Uncle Scrooge comic. So they decided to give the toon its own comic and put Carl Barks back in Scrooge. That’s cool. Hopefully, the stories will also be more fleshed out than what they had been publishing in Scrooge.

  2. Hopefully BOOM continues this trend and puts out a Tailspin comic as well. I’m really enjoying collecting these.

  3. Gabriel

    Is that the Dead Man’s Chest in the 2nd cover?

    1. Tamara

      Tom, I couldn’t agree more! I would be SO happy if they would do TaleSpin.

    2. Ricky Brigante

      Sure looks a lot like it! But I doubt it’s a Pirates crossover. Though Scrooge matching wits with Jack Sparrow could be fun.

  4. Tryg

    Good thing there are no controls involved with comic books. I can imagine a complete set of the recent Disney comic books would look awesome sitting on a shelf.

    Thanks for the Update!

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