First look at Storybook Circus preview posters offered during Disney farewell party for Mickey’s Toontown Fair

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Disney cast members were treated to a farewell party for Mickey’s Toontown Fair at the Magic Kingdom tonight before it permanently closes on Saturday to become Storybook Circus.

Among the after-hours festivities, Disney had on display a handful of preview posters for Storybook Circus.

(Photo by @Crushinat0r)

Included in the featured attractions and characters were…

The Great Goofini:

(Photo by @Crushinat0r)

Pete’s Silly Sideshow:

(Photo by @Crushinat0r)

Big Top Souvenirs featuring The Flying Piggolinis (The Three Little Pigs):

(Photo by @Crushinat0r)

While it has been announced that Storybook Circus will include The Great Goofini roller coaster as a makeover to Goofy’s Barnstormer, Pete’s Silly Sideshow and Big Top Souvenirs are new and may or may not actually appear inside Storybook Circus when it opens in 2012. But it is possible (and likely) we’ll see these posters adorning construction walls when they’re erected by the park’s opening Saturday morning.

Also featured at the party was a look back at Toontown’s history via artwork and credentials:

(Photos by @Crushinat0r)

Friday, February 11, is the last day of operation for Mickey’s Toontown Fair. Check back here tomorrow afternoon for a tribute to the land!


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    To avoid confusion, looks like it’s the interactive area, and there isn’t any actual performance-type circus–
    Some other sites overspeculated, but Disney’s already had TWO experiences with circus shows flopping at the park, one at Walt’s Disneyland the year it opened.

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      Ricky Brigante

      That would make sense to me. I don’t think there will actually be a “sideshow” found in Storybook Circus… just a clever name for an area that’s not a primary attraction.

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