Comments for Disneyland sets June 3 opening date for The Little Mermaid, Star Tours 2 and May 27 for Mickey’s Soundsational Parade


  1. Dan

    Can’t wait to see the Little Mermaid attraction opening. The technology behind this ride is wonderful. D-23 pictures were great with the mock-ups (from summer 2009).

  2. isaac ulibarri

    man june 3rd will be a busy day for me !! my vacation to disneyland is from may 27th to june 3rd, my luck huh, so im staying at the disneyland hotel, ill take the monorail to tomorrowland entrance and try and get on star tours 2 a couple times, and then californa adventure opens a couple hours later, so ill go their and get on ariels under sea adventure a couple times, too. ill put them on youtube right after also, gosh i wish i could push my vacation a couple days so i could enjoy them more, i love star wars, but hey at least im not leaving on june 2nd!! i got to be thankful thier, ill probably get to go on them before the lines are too long !! cant wait ill get to go on them opening day !!

    great article, im looking forward to mickey soundsational parade !!

    is d-23 worth 75, i live in denver colorado, so i cant go to the expo, but im moving to anahiem in a year or so to work at disneyland, i cant wait !!

  3. Michael

    so opening day for an attraction is always a crazy hectic event…usually the day before they will have some type of media event and celeberites will have an opportunity to experience the attraction…On the actual day another media circus will be around to dedicate the attracitons and showcase the opening crew…lines will be long from the get go because the ride usually doesn’t open right at park opening…so you will most likely have a 4 hr wait for both attractions…i worked the day that nemo opened and it was crazy at the resort…so with Two attractions and a new parade stepping off in the same weekend…exspect alot of craziness and the park to be at full capacity very early.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      You’re absolutely right about that. While no media events have been announced yet, I’m sure there will be one – and a big one at that. I was part of the Nemo festivities as well as World of Color’s opening and both were certainly major events.

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