Walt Disney World to close Mickey’s Toontown Fair in February 2011 as Dumbo’s circus comes to the Magic Kingdom

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Disney has confirmed on their official Disney Parks Blog what was already told to cast members this morning: Mickey’s Toontown Fair will be closing permanently at the Magic Kingdom in early February as part of the ongoing Fantasyland Expansion.

More specifically, the land that houses the homes of Mickey Mouse and friends will be shutting down on February 12, 2011 to make room for the circus, making February 11 the last day for guests to wander the area. But not just any circus is on the way. It’s a Dumbo circus, complete with an enhanced “double Dumbo,” featuring an all-new version of the classic Disney attraction, Dumbo the Flying Elephant that will allow guests to enjoy themselves in an interactive play area inside a nearby circus tent while waiting to board one of two Dumbo carousels.

But that and other circus elements around Toontown (new name unknown at this point) won’t be open until 2013. In the meantime, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and the Disney princesses will move their meet-and-greets to Town Square Exposition Hall in spring 2011. Before then, the characters will appear in other spots within the Magic Kingdom.

Starting in February, guests will be able to meet Tinker Bell at Disney’s Hollywood Studios her fairy friends at Epcot beginning in the spring.

During Toontown’s construction, the Walt Disney World Railroad will continue to operate, but guests will no longer be able to use the Toontown station.

When 2013 rolls around, it’s likely that Mickey’s Toontown Fair, originally designed as the temporary Mickey’s Birthday Land, will feature a familiar layout with an all-new look. Many of the area’s buildings and structures are likely to remain, including Goofy’s Barnstormer, but renamed and re-themed to feature new decor inspired by Dumbo and his circus. All of the specifics of the Toontown makeover have not yet been revealed (and possibly not yet finalized within Walt Disney Imagineering) but the transformation will definitely begin in February.


  1. Avery

    Any word on whether or not the current Dumbo ride will be closing at this time as well? We are going down this March with a few first timers who have little kids, and I’d hate for them not to get to experience it.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      They haven’t specifically said, but I highly doubt it. Disney will want to keep Dumbo open as long as possible. The Toontown renovation won’t be done for around 2 years. That’s far too long to not have Dumbo running.

      1. James

        No I was just there it will stay open during all the renovations.

        1. nichole

          no it wont be open

          1. Liam

            Toontown online, the video game online, is now closing the game of my childhood is shutting down and now, the real life ToonTown is shutting down. Somthing has gotten into Disney’s head, if its anything, keep ToonTown alive!!!

  2. Brittany

    This is so sad! Toontown was one of my favorite places when I visited as a little kid!

    1. Ld

      We just visited magic kingdom and unaware of this change.. We were
      So disappointed I will not return

  3. Melissa Barrett

    Does Disney usually offer any special mementos to visitors on the last day of an attraction or big venue such as ToonTown? We took LOTS of photos and video on our trip last fall but may try to go down on that last day and wondered what ‘new’ we might be able to bring back to help us remember this wonderful place where our son first met Mickey.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      It’s rare that Disney celebrates the closing of anything. They did for Star Tours, only because it’s becoming Star Tours 2. But I highly doubt Toontown will receive a goodbye party, unless perhaps it’s for D23.

  4. Jon

    I cannot believe they are doing this! I mean COME ON! First they plan to get rid of Mickey and Minnie’s country houses and the Toontown station, but now this?! They’re REMODLING Goofy’s Barnstormer to Dumbo’s Circustormer, or something. I mean, what’s happening to his stuff?

  5. Jon

    Walt Disney planned to make this! He WANTED Mickey and Minnie’s country houses to stay up! I bet he’s turning over in his grave with this news right now. If he was still here, he woldn’t allow this!

  6. Jennifer Hatch

    This is my daughters first trip and you mean to tell me that she will not get to see Mickey and Minnies House? This was the whole reason we were taking this trip. What a waste!

    1. Ricky Brigante

      After Friday, Mickey’s and Minnie’s houses will no longer be available. But Mickey and Minnie will still be there for photos in Tomorrowland for a while then in Town Square’s Exposition Hall, which will be their new permanent home. There are many more exciting things to see at Walt Disney World than the two houses and while I can understand looking forward to walking through them, I wouldn’t say their disappearance would make your trip worse. They’re, at most, a 10-minute walk through.

      1. Lyndee

        Please tell me this is a lie.

    2. Mitch

      Same here. Our almost 3 year old daughter had been excited for months that she will be able to see Mickey and Minnies homes on her first trip. We have to break our promise to her and will have to cancel the trip since these are the only places she absolutely positively had to see. What a bummer.

  7. JoC749

    I am just curious why Disney is spending so much time and money on Radiator Springs in Disneyland but not expanding in either the Magic Kigdom or Hollywood Studios (current home to Lightning and Mater) for the CARS theme. The new movie is set for release (finally to the extreme delight of my 6 year old grandson) in June 2011. Disney missed on this originally and I would think they would add on this theme in one of the 3 parks (it would not fit Animal Kingdom) during this remodeling phase. Please tell me there is something in the works for CARS as most of the attention is spent on the pricesses for girls. The current attraction is Tinkerbell as evidenced by the lines in the tent to see her and her fairy friends. (I know my 3 year old granddaughter loves Tink and we waited 2 times). Please tell me they are going to add this in Florida as well as California as we take yearly trips and just came back.

  8. Buckly

    Wow, I really hope people are being sarcastic about Mickey and Minnie’s houses. Some of these comments are intense.

  9. Sarina

    No Mickey and Minnie house?
    That’s not what Disney is all about.
    What a shame! Get rid of some of the duplicate shopping places!!!!
    Why couldn’t their houses just be relocated to be seen?

  10. Kelly Olbers

    What!!!! That was a favorite of my daughters! So sad. What would Walt think!

  11. Russell D. M.

    I admit it is a shame Disney is closing Toontown Fair (I remember going when Toontown Fair was still Mickey’s Birthday Land) and I’m all for the change and love the fact that Disney is making a new Meet-and-greet location for Mickey as the old judges tent location was getting a bit stale. however, despite that I like the new change from Toontown Fair to Dumbo’s Circus (Do any of children of the early 80’s remember that old show?), I still wish that Disney would least relocate Mickey and Minnie’s country houses as really I enjoyed those (even after turning 25).

  12. Lyndee

    Hey um… can’t they just keep the houses and move them somewhere else? Because taking them away for good is NOT okay!

  13. Jessica

    It kind of makes sense to have mickey and minnie’s houses in disney world since they are like the SYMBOL of magic kingdom. this is a horrible thing to do in magic kingdom. first things are closing down in universal, and now this. i can’t believe it. why would they do such a thing? can’t the houses go somewhere else in the park? IM NOT HAPPY.

  14. Jessica

    walt disney would not be happy, i can guarantee that.

  15. Maria C

    Its unfortunate, but in these tumultuous times and with this current administration, its just become the norm that Americans are losing their homes. Its seems Mickey and Minnie have fallen prey to the high risk mortgage lenders who unfortunately have foreclosed on their homes. lol

  16. Kyle

    One of the most popular economic phrases is “Get rid of Capitalism!” which will only bring in more problems because of monopolies.

    You may not believe it but Disney is actually owned by one of the news channels I think ABC or is it NBC which is owned by some insurance company that I cannot remember the name……..so it’s all ran by buerocrats instead of individual people with an imagination.
    Walt would’ve NEVER allowed Disney to get to this stage and would PAY OUT OF HIS OWN POCKET if he had to in order to keep Toon Town open longer in order to come up with a compromise about the Dumbo Circus Fair.

    If we got rid of Capatilism these kind of problem at Disney would still happen only it would be more controlled by the government monopoly instead of a big business which then Toontown Fair would be closed till sometime in 2020 as the government is always slow to innovation.

    In other words it would be from the frying pan into the fire.

    1. CJ

      I’m sad that Toontown is gone but all of you saying how bothered Walt disney would be by it must have forgotten that Toontown at Magic Kingdom didn’t open until 1988. Unfortunately Walk was long gone by then so while Toontown was about Mickey it was not done by Walt.

  17. Kyle

    Okay. More like 2015-2018 then 2020 but still they would be slow as molasses if Disney was ran by the government but like I said. If Walt were still alive he would pay out of his own pocket to keep ToonTown open for as long as possible till he can come up with a compromise.

  18. Nat

    Oh my some of these comments. !!

  19. Fabiane

    Very disappointed. Minie d Mickey’s house was the best place to visit with the kids. Disney will never be the same place without toontow. I hope they put the house back.

  20. Yuri Hernandez

    It was a big disappointment for my daughter when I had to tell her I couldn’t find the house once we were there…I couldn’t believe it was gone.. What’s Magic Kingdom without Micky n Minnie’s house it would be like Disney wouthout Mickey. So sad my daughter didn’t have the opportunity of seeing Mickey’s house

    1. Miley D.

      I know Yuri – I always get my picture taken with Mickey – and really enjoyed the walk through his house while waiting my turn for the picture – I am very disappointed! Mickey and Minnie are the stars and still deserve to have their own spot for visitors to visit!

  21. Miley D.

    I went to the Magic Kingdom this year and was surprised to find Toon Town CLOSED!! That was my favorite part of the park – hands down! I took all my kids there – and now that they are adults, they don’t like going – but I do – and I miss it a LOT! Now, I won’t be able to take my grand-kids to see Mickey is his cute house – or see Minnie in her house. Disney Park – this visitor is NOT happy that Toon Town was closed!

  22. Miranda Smith

    When booking a trip to Disney World, you don’t decide to go there just for the rides. You can go to many other amusement parks for way less money and fulfill that yearning. You go to a Disney park expecting to be engrossed in the magic of what we all imagined Disney would look like. We go expecting to wait in long lines to meet the characters. Standing in the hot sun just to get a glimpse of our favorite characters is something that MANY parents & grandparents would only do at these parks. We love to know that there is something that will bring us back to our childlike self reliving our walk thru such a magical place & sharing in that experience with our loved ones. I hope that anyone on the Disney committee of decisions would stand up & be a voice for all of us who want Toon Town put back into Disney parks. PLEASE PUT IT BACK!!!!!

  23. Margaret White

    I was very disappointed when I couldn’t find Toon Town. I had no idea that it had been taken away. One of my main reasons for visiting was to take my grandchildren to see toon town. I loved the little colorful houses and exploring on the inside. It brought back so many childhood memories when I used to watch the Disney cartoons on TV. Magic Kingdom is not the same without it. Please Put It Back.

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