Disney Dream Cruise Ship Christening Voyage Scheduled For January – And We’re Invited!

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The official Christening Voyage of Disney Cruise Line’s newest ship, the Disney Dream, will take place on January 19-21, 2011 – and Inside the Magic will be there!

Today we received this enticing (and beautiful) invitation in the mail:

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Outside of the @DisneyCruise invitation box:

The box appears to be made of wood but is actually a well-crafted paper sculpture. Inside sits a paper telescope, information book, an invitation:

Looks like I'll be aboard the Disney Dream Christening Voyage! This enticing invitation just arrived. @DisneyCruise

The paper telescope even expands:

@DisneyCruise Paper telescope expands:

And looking through it reveals the Disney Dream ship sailing on the high seas:

And looking through the @DisneyCruise telescope reveals the Disney Dream ship!

We’re excited to have the opportunity to bring our Inside the Magic audience along for the Christening Voyage aboard the Disney Dream ship, so check back here in January for all the details!

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In the meantime, here’s an introductory video about the ship from Disney:

And a look at its first public appearance:

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