Comments for ParkSpotting at Disneyland Resort – September 4, 2010: Runners and Refurbishment


  1. kyle

    really cool pictorial recap. i went to DL for my first time this weekend last year. fell in love with it. can’t wait to go back for next year’s D23.

    thanks for the pics and videos!

  2. Nice report. Can’t wait to go there next month. By the way all the things you never saw before have been there for quite some time! 😉 I remember seeing that footprint when I was a little boy!

  3. Amy

    Maybe this wasn’t up when you were there, but my favorite Halloween decoration review is Tilly! Did you see her all dressed up and decorated?

  4. Joey Aramaki

    The California letters have been that way since the opening of world of color.

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