ParkSpotting at Disneyland Resort – September 4, 2010: Runners and Refurbishment

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On Saturday, September 4th, I made a trip down to Disneyland for the morning for a little fun and a new ParkSpotting adventure.   I’d been hearing reports of Disneyland being empty and wanted to see for myself.  Unfortunately, I found those days must have been the calm before the storm.

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runDisney 5K marathon
This was the Saturday before Labor Day, as well as the day before the big Disneyland Half Marathon, and the crowd levels had returned to normal. I originally wanted to run in the Half but registration closed incredibly early. Sold out. There were around 14,000 people signed up to run in the Half Marathon.
runDisney 5K marathon
As I came down the escalator in the parking structure, I immediately observed signs of the race. Seen here is the starting line for the Fabulous 5K. I think that had taken place earlier that morning. I saw people (mostly kids) with t-shirts and numbers walking around the area.
runDisney 5K marathon
And here you can see orange fencing setup up along the race route.
Colorful Disneyland park map with Goofy
I went through the turnstile and picked up a new map. Bright and colorful – with my favorite Disney character on the cover.

Train Station
As many times as I’ve been to Disneyland, I’ve never noticed the pump cart sitting in front of the Train Station. Has that always been there?
Halloween Party sign
An advertisement for Mickey’s Halloween Party. I was hoping to see a lot of Halloween decorations but this was about it. They must put it all up very quickly.
Red White and Blue decorations
The Red, White, and Blue decorations are still up. I suppose they’ll be up until September 17th when Halloween time at Disneyland officially starts.
Mr. Toad's Wild Ride painting
I rode Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride and noticed this painting on while behind the ride’s loading area. It’s a map of the entire ride. Never noticed it before.
Alice in Wonderland covered
I finally had a chance to see the new railings on the Alice in Wonderland ride. At first, I thought, “How bad can it be? Just putting up a few railings can’t change the ride too much.”
Alice in Wonderland new railings
I was wrong.
Alice in Wonderland new railings
This is an eyesore and it kills the fun of that moment emerging outdoors from the dark ride.
Star Tours: The Adventures Continue re-launching 2011
Star Tours is closed, but I can’t wait for its return in 2011.
Matterhorn Yeti footprint
I rode the Matterhorn waiting in line on the Castle side – which I never do. I always wait on the Tomorrowland side. While in line, I noticed this cast of a Yeti’s foot. Another new-to-me element.
Jessie the Cowgirl
My usual shortcut behind Big Thunder Mountain was packed. I found out why. Jesse and Woody were there.
Corn dog
No trip to Frontierland is complete without a corn dog from the Stage Door Cafe.

As I was looking at the oddly colored guns, I noticed this video playing on a video screen in one of the shops in Frontierland:

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First of all, I’d never noticed this video screen. Second of all, I hadn’t seen this animated short since I was a kid. Floods of memories. And a catchy tune.

Haunted Mansion Holiday
YIPPEE!!!! Jack Skellington and his friends are coming!
Colorful toy wooden guns
Guns have returned to the Disneyland Resort.
Toy Guns
I hate the colors but it’s better than nothing. I still have fond memories of buying my own WOOD-COLORED gun several years ago at Walt Disney World.

Has anyone ever noticed this video screen in Space Mountain:

Is that new? Or am I terribly unobservant?

World of Color in the Esplanade
Heading on over to California Adventure. They really are pushing World of Color.
Glow Fest moved
Finally, the Glow Fest has been kicked out of the Hollywood Pictures area. I was NOT a fan.
P.T. Flea's
One last time to visit PT Flea Market before it is closed for good to make way for Cars Land!
Halloween merchandise
World of Disney had a few Halloween-themed items for sale.
Halloween window display
And plenty more Halloween items in a window.
Retractable pillars
As I approached the parking structure on my way out, I observed a parking attendant press a hidden button and then these green poles lowered into the ground to allow a Golf Cart to cross the path. Neat.

The crowds weren’t unbearable but I was disappointed that I had missed out on the “empty” Disneyland that had been just a few days prior. The week before Labor Day might be a great week to visit Disneyland. Mark it down.

Until next time…

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