Star Tours Gets Celebrity-filled Send-off During Last Tour To Endor Event At Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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Tour to Endor Event

The much-hyped Last Tour to Endor event was held last night at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, advertised as giving Star Wars Celebration V attendees a chance to be “among the first of the last” to ride the Star Tours attraction before it “powers down” to become “reimagined” into a new Star Wars-based attraction.

The after-hours theme park event lasted past 1 a.m., offering a special one-time-only Star Wars-themed fireworks show, “mash-up” version of the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular called “Raiders of the Lost Jedi Temple of Doom,” Star Wars Weekends’ fan-favorite Hyperspace Hoopla, and a final “shut down” moment for the Star Tours attraction.

Orlando Attractions Magazine‘s cameras were there to capture video of the events, beginning with the “Raiders of the Lost Jedi Temple of Doom” second showing of the night that included actors Seth Green (Robot Chicken) and Anthony Daniels (C-3PO) as well as Star Wars creator George Lucas watching in the audience:

Attractions also bring us a full video of the Star Wars-themed fireworks shows from the Last Tour to Endor:

Update: I’ve swapped out the previous video of the final “shut down” of Star Tours with a closer version from Orlando Attractions Magazine:

One more video from Attractions – it’s the special Hyperspace Hoopla performed in front of the giant Sorcerer Mickey hat:

The event cost Guests $75 each to attend, but given the number of big-name celebrities in attendance, it seems to have been a night filled with entertainment that made admission worth the price. In addition to these special events, many of the park’s biggest attractions were open with no line or wait, including, of course, Star Tours.

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While the Last Tour to Endor likely marked the final ride on Star Tours for many of Guests visiting Orlando for Star Wars Celebration V, which wraps up today, the attraction doesn’t actually close until September 8, so anyone visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios will still be able to get their final rides in between now and then.

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Keep checking back to Inside the Magic to stay on top of the latest Star Tours developments as details emerge about its “reimagining” into Star Tours: The Adventures Continue (Star Tours 2).

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