Star Wars Celebration V day 3 brings more crazy costumes, more celebrities – and yes, even more Slave Leias

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The third day of Star Wars Celebration V was to be my last, though the convention continues tomorrow. Saturday is always the busiest of any weekend convention and today was no exception as more wild costumed attendees flocked to the Orange County Convention Center.

Let’s take another walk through the fun via photos:

Troopers shoot from above
Not even the halls outside the convention floor are safe, with attendees being watched over by these Troopers.

Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader use the Force on Jar Jar
The Sith were out in full "force" today, pinning Jar Jar to the ground.

Wookiee decapitated
Not a good day for good guys. This wookiee paid the ultimate price.

Girl resting inside R2-D2
Nearby, a girl hid inside an astromech droid. I don't blame her.

Mom and Ewok daughter
But this tiny Ewok girl was much happier (and really cute).

Huge gathering of Star Wars costumes under the Death Star
The evil Empire commanded a huge presence as Storm Troopers, Darth Vaders, and other characters gathered underneath the Death Star.

Female Storm Trooper
Perhaps not all Storm Troopers are so bad...

Green Pink Bunny with blaster
Then things took a turn for the weird as Jaxxon showed up (Thanks to those who identified this character for me).

Pink Jedi
Jedi meets Princess Peach.

Box Storm Trooper
I guess when a Storm Trooper's forgot his uniform at home, he's gotta improvise. I don't think cardboard would protect him against blasters.

Axl Rose
Even Axl Rose showed up today, with plenty of attitude.

Venom Jedi
Continuing the bizarre, Venom turned into a Jedi for Star Wars Celebration V.

Chewbacca with tourist Stormtrooper
This Storm Trooper was clearly on vacation while in Orlando.

Elvis Trooper gets a kiss
Elvis Trooper gets all the love.

Sith gathering
But despite all the weirdness, the Sith were still dominating the floor, with light sabers drawn.

General Grievous and Jedi
Given how the day was going, I'm guessing General Grievous was going to win this Jedi battle.

Kid stabs bounty hunter
But the tables were turned as this young Padawan bested a bounty hunter.

Female Jedi
Meanwhile this Sith busted out.

Flowing Star Wars Dress
This flowing dress was the most graceful costume at the con.

Gamorrean Guard
A grumpy Gamorrean Guard. (Aren't they all?)

Steampunk Leia and Boba Fett with Slave Leias
I promised you more Slave Leias, so here we go, beginning with these two accompanied by steampunk Leia and Boba Fett (and some dude with a beard - George Lucas could teach him a thing or two about beard maintenance).

Slave Leia
Jabba's henchman made sure no one got too close to this Slave Leia.

Star Wars miniature
Here is the same character, immortalized nearby in miniature form.

Bored Slave Leia texting
But being a Slave Leia for Jabba isn't all fun and games. This one was clearly bored, texting away while resting on the Hut's tail.

Slave Leia gets behind the camera for another Slave Leia
This Slave Leia was also using a bit of technology, snapping a photo of another Slave Leia.

So you wanted more Slave Leias, right? You can't get many more than this. (I didn't take this photo. Credit: datametricscorp on Flickr. Click the pic for the original.)
Pimpin' Boba Fett and Darth Vader with Slave Leia
Yesterday I said Jabba wasn't likely going to give up his Slave Leias for the "pimpin" Darth Vader and Boba Fett. I guess I was wrong.

Not quite Slave Leia
But I'm sure Jabba would be happy to give this guy away.

Entourage escort C-3PO and R2-D2
Across the convention, C-3PO and R2-D2 arrived with a Storm Trooper escort.

Complete LEGO Star Wars mural
In the world of artwork, the LEGO Star Wars mural was completed.

Chalk art on the floor
This Star Wars chalk drawing was nearing completion as well.

Seth Green hands out Lando masks at Robot Chicken panel
Today's presentation of choice was the Robot Chicken panel, at which actor Seth Green passed out Lando Calrissian mustaches to a few lucky audience members.

R2-D2 barrier
On the way out, I captured this R2-D2 themed barrier. This is not the droid you're looking for while driving.

Slave Leia's high heels
After walking around Star Wars Celebration V for 20+ hours over the last three days, I thought my feet hurt. But this Slave Leia's high heels tell me she was feeling the pain much more than I was.

Many more photos from day 3 of Star Wars Celebration V:

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