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wizarding World of Harry Potter


  1. rodrigo

    Big question, i will be there between the 14th and the 21st of july. Which day do you think will be the least bussiest day? monday, tuesday, sunday???? or it does not matter?. I have 3 days to go to universal, i plan to go twice to the harry potter theme park and island of adventures. One day to the normal studios universal.
    But seeing today crowds, its gonna be a little crazy…
    I now there is going to be a lot of people, and i plan to arrive around 7am to the city walk area, and then the park…


    1. Ricky Brigante

      Today is an unusual day. It will never be this crowded again after this weekend. But I’m sure it will be pack when you are here as well… just not THIS packed. 🙂 Tuesday – Thursday are generally the least busy theme park days.

      1. rodrigo

        Thanks, so on tuesday or wednesday will be a good day..i plan to be there at 7am i think it will be good, it will be great if you let us know throuh your website hoy things are in July 1st, then July 10th just to know how are the lines and waiting times….i plan to have a day all harry potter, without leaving anywhere…so 9 to 9.. then other day island of adventure and in the afternoon maybe some harry potter depending the line….last day only universal, expecting lines but not that much, thinking everyone will be at the harry potter park….

        1. Ricky Brigante

          Yes, I will update the crowd levels as the summer progresses. It will be interesting to see if the rest of the park remains empty in the coming weeks/months while the Wizarding World stays full, or if everything evens out.

  2. Amy

    My family went today, June 18, and it was HORRIBLE! Universal was absolutely NOT prepared! People were jumping lines, probably because they did NOT have any good lines to form. Then on top of that, you had to walk all around the park to get to one section of the park, ONLY to find that it was closed b/c of Harry Potter! My family spent hundreds of dollars only to be completely disappointed by Universal’s lack of planning. I believe it would have been handled MUCH better by DISNEY’S MAGIC! We will NOT ever return!

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Sorry to hear about your troubles today. While I agree that Universal could have handled today’s crowd in a better way, I wouldn’t let that reflect on the company as a whole. If you return on an average day, I’m sure you will have a lot of fun. I know that’s no consolation for the mess you experienced.

  3. Regina

    Universal had no security in place upon entry. The lines were controlled by people from the accounting department..lack of planning. We were hotel guests and told we would have first access, we arrived at 7:00 and 3,000 people were in front of us, they were general admission let in around 5 am. Will never stay at another Universal hotel or visit Universal again. They need to take lessons on security and guest relations from Disney.

  4. Wild Ol' Dan

    Howdy Pards,

    “They need to take lessons on security and guest relations from Disney.”

    Ahhh…there is no denying the wisdom of that.

    Too many people can spoil a good day in any theme park, though… there is simply no denying that. Standing on concrete in the hot Florida sunshine is simply no fun whatsoever. Ahhh…but, is Universal entirely to blame? It seems to me that all they are truly guilty of is creating one wonderful muggle magnet. Tis what is in our hearts that motivated so many to show up on opening day. We have a hunger and a thirst to escape the commonplace…and we have a love for the world of Harry Potter as shown to us by J.K. Rowling in her books and by Warner Brothers in their movies. Now…a place has been created where we can
    celebrate all things Potter. It is natural for each of us to want to go.
    But…we need to understand that the books have been bought and read by
    millions of people throughout the world. The movies have been seen by millions of folks as well. Given all that, is it truly a surprise that so many would show up for the opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter? No…I don’t think it is.

    I’ve been on Main Street U.S.A. on some mighty crowded nights when the
    heat was almost unbearable…but Disney wasn’t to blame. They were simply going about the business of making dreams come true. Lots of dreams.

    Near as I can tell it is pretty much the same with Universal. And, a few million muggles will have visited Hogsmeade and Hogwarts before this year is out. Too many people share the same wonderful hunger and thirst
    for things Potter. The people behind us are not a problem…it is all those people ahead of us in line…they are the problem. Ahhh…I guess we must keep a smile in our heart and stand in the shade as much as we possibly can…at the end of this line is an ice cold glass of Butter Beer or a bottle of Pumpkin Juice…and a magical thing called air conditioning.

    Adios for now. Talk to ya on down the trail.

    Wild Ol’ Dan

  5. Mike

    My family flew down to Universal to specifically see the Harry Potter exhibit. Not only are we huge Harry Potter fans, but we are also regular Disney guests. Our experience was DISAPPOINTMENT entirely. Not only is the park unable to handle the crowds but the whole exhibit was overhyped in everything we read: you do NOT go through the classrooms at Hogwarts in the castle but, rather, pass closed feaux doors labled as classroom; there is no “magic” to Bonzo’s magic shop as described in one video and the wands do NOT pick you as suggested in another. And, again, the lines even to get into the shops are ridiculous. This theme park exhibit could have been SO fabulous but it was just not. On another note…if you are planning on riding the ride inside the Hogwart’s castle, make SURE you test the seats (outside the castle) before you stand in the line. We witnessed several people who waited anywhere from 1 to 2 hours only to be told they wouldn’t fit into the seats.
    All in all, this attraction doesn’t live up to the Harry Potter status. If the truth were told, Dumbledore would be reporting this one to the Ministry of Magiic for Muggle Misunderstanding.

  6. Dorothy

    My family and I planned our trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter months in advance and were so amped up to go. However, I have to agree with Mike and say the experience is definitely disappointing. The Harry Potter section of Islands of Adventure is the smallest part of the park and there really isn’t much to it. They combined Zonko’s and Honeyduke’s as one store. In the Zonko’s section, there are only about 3 authentic Harry Potter “toys” and then there are regular things thrown in like Jacob’s Ladder. They also combined The Owl Post place and Dervish and Banges. The rest of the shops through Hogsmeade are for display only.

    There could have been so much in the stores too. There is so much merchandise that they missed out on that people would surely have bought. There weren’t any necklaces or dolls or much else related to HP. The few good things about the place was The Three Broomsticks, Hog’s Head, butterbear and the Forbidden Journey ride. The ride was AMAZING!! Definitely the best part of it all. The butterbear tastes so good and the experience of Three Broomsticks & Hog’s Head was pretty good.

    As a major Harry Potter fan, the overall experience was seriously lacking. As much as people pay to come to the park etc. you’d think they would go all out, especially since there were people from all over the world flocking there to experience it all.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Perhaps this was a case of over-hype. I’m not surprised to hear that you thought it would be bigger. Overall, it is a small area. And it sounds like the heavy crowds prevented you from taking your time to enjoy all of the rich detail packed into every inch of the Wizarding World. I do think they went “all out” – but it’s all crammed into a relatively small space. It’s one of the most detailed, highly-themed environments ever created in a theme park.

      There’s certainly enough of a variety of merchandise to go around, though I agree that most of the Zonko’s products are not appealing. However, keep in mind that all of the merchandise decisions were made by J.K. Rowling. She didn’t want t-shirts with Daniel Radcliffe’s face, dolls of Hermione, or action figures of Ron. Those would take away from the story of the area. She wanted to provide an authentic experience for visitors, as if you were stepping into the REAL Hogsmeade Village, not a theme park version aimed at selling you Potter-branded merchandise. Anyone looking for those items can find them at a toy store. But the merchandise you browse in the Wizarding World are mostly items that would really be sold if Hogsmeade were a real place.

      I’m not arguing with you, but just offering some information behind the decisions that were made. You’re certainly free to disagree with them. If anything, it’s Universal Orlando’s marketing department’s fault for making the area out to be bigger than it really is. It’s not a Harry Potter theme park. It’s just a Harry Potter SECTION of a theme park. Unfortunately, that message hasn’t always been delivered properly.

  7. Yasmin M

    Im going someday this week and I’m sooooo excited!
    Since it’s March Break I was wondering which day would be the less crowded and the average wait times for the rides?
    We are not able to go on Tuesday or Wednesday.
    And what tim edo you think you should be there?
    Thank you so much.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Unfortunately because of Spring Break, the parks are EXTREMELY crowded this week. Expect long lines regardless of what time and day you go.

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