Voutsinas Relive Disney Magic by Recreating Now-Famous Childhood Photo

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If you’ve watched or read the news -any news- in the last few days, you’ve likely heard the story of Alex and Donna Voutsinas. In summary, the now-married couple was photographed at Walt Disney World within feet of each other long before they ever met. Today they had a reunion of sorts, recapturing a magical moment.

In 1980, the two were photographed as children in the same shot together purely by coincidence. Donna was posing at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom with Mr. Smee on Main Street U.S.A. while Alex was being pushed in a stroller behind her by his father. The two didn’t know each other at the time and were from different parts of the world, Alex from Canada, Donna from Miami, Fla. Years later, they fell in love, got married, and happened upon the photo of them together:

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It’s a story made for the movies and as soon as I heard it a few days ago, I hoped that Disney would invite the family down to Orlando and have them recreate their now-famous image. And today, that’s exactly what happened, this time with their own children:

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