Video: Disney’s “World of Color” full show from the world premiere event

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Disney’s new “World of Color” show at the Disney California Adventure theme park had its world premiere on June 10, 2010 for attending media and invited special guests.

The new nighttime water spectacular takes place in Paradise Bay around the boardwalk area of the theme park. With hundreds of immense water fountains and mist screens towering 50 feet tall and 380 feet wide, the show offers stunning visual from classic Disney films combined with an impressive sound system to create a unique show unlike any other Disney has created. Those familiar with the mist screens during Disney’s popular Fantasmic show at the Disneyland Park will be amazed to find the new water-created screens in “World of Color” to be bigger, clearer, and featuring depth and shape.

While it’s impossible to portray the sheer size of “World of Color” without seeing it in person, we bring you the next best thing.

Enjoy this video of the full world premiere showing of “World of Color” in glorious HD with a mix of ambient and source audio:

Coming up later, I’ll have a full review of the show, interviews, plus a video of the impressive talking Mickey Mouse conversing with Disney CEO Bob Iger, songwriter Richard Sherman, and others during the “World of Color” opening ceremony. So check back here for more “World of Color” excitement!

You can catch “World of Color” nightly at the Disney California Adventure theme park beginning today, June 11, 2010.


  1. Scott Balkum

    They did a great job of imagineering something new… That being said, it was FAR too repetitious for me. Almost no new animation scenes. Just playing clips from movies on a wall of water. That is a waste. I think they could have done it all in 10 minutes. It needs something else to be awesome. The fountains were cool and the use of color was cool. I enjoyed it. I would have had the same enjoyment in a 10 minute show….

    1. But, you have to see it live. Youtube can’t capture what is presented in an area wider than a football field.

      1. Ricky Brigante

        I completely agree Andy. I was hesitant to even post this video because it simply does not do the show justice. I’ll be posting a written review of the show soon (and have already included a spoken one on Show 271 – and I will always emphasize that no video can ever do this show justice.

        The depth and size of the show is simply stunning. It’s an experience that can only be appreciated in person – unless perhaps you’re watching on a 200-foot tall computer screen. 😉

  2. Coby Stump

    I watched the world premiere of this through UStream and It was AMAZING! How do they fit all that into a body of water?

  3. Emma

    I think it looks amazing – thank you for posting this video Ricky! so many disney classics, old and new, included in the show 🙂

  4. Nicole

    I LOVED IT! my husband is so so on it but i loved it. I cant wait to see it in person. Thanks ricky for putting it up!

  5. Louise

    Totally agree with you Scott.

    As cool as the fountains are etc…they get old after 5 mins. 10 I guess with the Disney Touch. But the lack of NEW animation is disappointing.

    It isn’t original…it is a ramped up Fantasmic but without the live action. I mean the Disneyland version of Fantasmic with the Dragon and the Sailing Ship Columbia…it is far more interactive.

  6. Michael Good

    I think that they should put more of a story to it and not leave some of it to just the fountains, because I truthfully don’t think that they fountains can handle it. They need to have the screens going constantly and at some points I wasn’t sure what all the animations were. Overall I loved it but I hope it’s better in person.

  7. jake didger

    Looks so amazing cant wait to see it!!!!! There are going to be a lot of depressed color blind people =P

    I agree with scott and louise. I thought the end was kind of stupid it was just basically a recap of everything you had just saw. seems a little repetitive

  8. jpokojny

    Great video Ricky! Can’t wait to hear the podcast tomorrow. I had three more trips planned this year to Disneyworld and am now thinking of changing one of them to Disneyland.

  9. I suppose everyone is entitled to their opinion, but what I’d ask people to do is to hold their opinion until they can see it live. This is really a multi-sensory presentation. Until you feel the mist in your face, the heat of the fire, the boom of the music you must reserve judgment. The comparison to Fantasmic is natural, but the water screen if about 4x the size.

    I was lucky enough to catch the 9pm show on Saturday. I think it’s their best night show. No picture of video can tell the story of World of Color.

  10. Ricky Brigante

    I do encourage anyone and everyone to see World of Color in person. The colors are vibrant, the fountains are HUGE, and the whole show delivers a feeling that can’t be captured by any electronic device. It’s not totally about story, which is a departure from Disney’s usual attractions. In this case, it’s about pure feeling, emotion, and a sensory experience. Just because Fantasmic uses water screens doesn’t make it a fair comparison. World of Color can only be fully understood by standing in front of it in awe of the transformation from a calm lagoon to a dancing nighttime spectacular.

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