Comments for Talking C3po Interacts With Guests During Star Wars Weekends At Disney’s Hollywood Studios

C3po Interaction


  1. Peter

    1:50 is when Ricky talks to him. Sweet.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Thanks for pointing that out. If I had waited in line longer, I could have had a full conversation with him. But Star Wars Weekends is crowded, the weather is hot, and I’m pretty tired today, so I decided to head home instead. I’m glad I was at least able to have a small exchange with him.

  2. jake didger

    thats sweet just one step closer to seeing the fab five walk around, talk and interact with guests in the park.=)

  3. Love the talking C3PO. He does sound a lot like Anthony Daniels.

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  4. For how limited his movement is, they sure had him walk a long way to get backstage!

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