Comments for Fan says he’s ridden Disneyland’s Indiana Jones Adventure more than 1,700 times

Indiana Jones

Credit: Disney


  1. I know of this man. His name is Emmanuel Elefante. Here’s his Facebook page:

  2. Glenn

    Well, I guess that means I have to ride it a lot more to top is count. I love the ride, but I don’t think I could ever catch him. With work and family responsibilities I don’t have the free time to invest in just one ride, when there are so many things to do at Disneyland. Thanks for the story.

  3. Emmanuel Elefante

    Hey, it was nice riding with you. Thanks for letting me take the wheel. My ride count is now 1,802!

    1. That’s awesome Emmanuel! Keep it going.

  4. Loraine Ong

    I was at Disneyland last week and was in the single-rider line for Indiana Jones when I saw a guy who perfectly fit your description. I actually read this article beforehand, so with that in mind I flipped out and started talking to him. Same guy! My friends thought I was crazy.. especially when I asked to take a picture with him! Haha, only at Disneyland.

    1. I did an interview with him recently. I’ll be posting it soon. Interesting person! His name is Emmanuel. Check the comments above. He’s seen the post.

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