Fan says he’s ridden Disneyland’s Indiana Jones Adventure more than 1,700 times

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Indiana Jones

Credit: Disney

I recently found myself riding the Indiana Jones Adventure at Disneyland with someone who claims to have ridden the attraction more than 1,700 times.

He is a young Asian man – possibly a teenager – and was dressed in full Indiana Jones costume, complete with the satchel. (And no, he’s not Short Round.)

We both entered the attraction through the single rider line.  Having noticed his Indy costume, I asked him if he liked the ride.  Before I could finish my question, he quickly replied, “Yes!” I’m sure he gets the question a lot.

When we lined up for the ride’s front row, I asked him if he wanted to “drive” the car. He did.

This journey ended up being the most fun I’ve ever had on this ride because he got so into it.  He could quote all of the ride’s dialogue and enthusiastically pretended to drive the vehicle.  All of us on board with him were shouting directions to him, “Get us out of here!” and “Turn the lights on!”

After the ride ended, I left, but he got right back in line.  He must REALLY love the ride.

I later Twitted about riding with him, and a Disneyland Cast Member told me that the Indy fan is there every week, enjoying the ride.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of him or any contact information. Does anyone know who he is or more about him? He’d certainly be fun to chat with further.

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