American Idol winner Lee DeWyze appears at Disney's Hollywood Studios - Inside the Magic

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  1. jake didger

    the crowd look significantly smaller than than i remember last year when Chris Allen visited the park i wonder if its the popularity of the show that has gone down or if its just the popularity of the idol.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      What you see in the video is only a portion of the fans. They let this group approach the stage first then dropped a separate rope for the rest to crowd in. There were definitely hundreds of people packed in the area as well as up and down the main street for the motorcade. With that said, I felt that the crowd enthusiasm level was definitely less than last year with Kris Allen.

  2. elsa

    LOL, I’m sure it’s just timing . . . Lee rocks! I’m not there, but I love Lee! Just did’nt go to Disney World this year!

  3. Rick G

    I came across him while exiting the car at Buzz Lightyear’s Space Rangers on Sunday afternoon. He had the usual demeanor as while on the show. Very humble and down to Earth.

  4. american idol is probably the best singing contest tv show on TV. i love this show–`

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