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  1. Deemaria

    Why not make them affordable to everybody. The price you have here is a disgrace.

    1. nichole

      That is how much Uggs cost, so I don’t know why you are surprised. It said “limited edition”, not “everyone edition”. Some will buy, others won’t

      1. Kelly

        but WHY is that how much UGGS cost? We bought my daughter a pair for Xmas, and i was lucky enough to get them on sale. but still was over $150. are they lined with gold? the boots are fantastic, but i agree — over priced.

        1. pat

          Why do my Uggs from authorized dealers say made in China,?.I researched why but people don’t believe me.Check the tag inside your Uggs

          1. Yes they do say made in china on the tag inside the boot

    2. Shelby

      Certain things cost nore money….u gotta think about how much it cost to make them and make a little profit if u cant afford them then get knock offs or get a second job…..i have over 15 pairs of uggs i work hard to have nice things!

      1. pat

        Does the tag in your Uggs say made in China?

      2. Ronnie

        Agreed I and my daughter own several pair of uggs . I work m y ass off for everything ! Nice things are well deserved .

    3. Shelby

      I think these are actually cheap! For a good pair of boots that last forever if u take care of them and are lined with real fur and the quality is out standing! Things dont come free people cant afford them get a job…have a job and cant afford them A. You need a new job/career or B. Get a second job! Im a stay at home mom and im blessed to have a hard working husband who makes plenty for us to be able to do this and have nice things….. And i have over15 pairs of uggs and they are well worth the price….and i did research and called the ugg company these are not REAL UGGS! So yall got rippedd off

      1. Shawanda

        I agree very good price. I thought they where more

      2. Girl shut up! Want a pat on your ass because all your doing is making the next MF rich!!

        And you said that you work hard for everything you have. Then turned around and said your a stay at home. Mom and your husband works hard. So basically you sit at home on your ass and spend your husband’s hard earned money? Oh, Ok… Understand now!!!

        1. kris

          Stay at home moms sit on their asses? Have u ever stayed at home with children? I worked full time for years and now stay at home with my grandchild and working was a lot easier!

      3. Flora

        Shelby you are very nasty. Your comments suck it sound like you trying to prove that you can afford the boots by putting others down. The question is how we know you are not lying. People do voice their opinion not bc they can’t afford it but just state they can’t afford it. My job sorry let’s correct that my career allow me to purchase them every week for myself or daughter but am not going to but my daughter some 200-300 dollar shoes when she going to grow out of them in 2 months. When she is older and her growth slow down than she can have as many pairs as she want. Stop being so nasty

  2. Kelly Goodfellow

    Need more choices for Adults…we love Mickey/Minnie too!

  3. Windy

    I love them my BFF, sent me the link and in a matter of minutes I ordered my pair for my princess……

  4. Melinda

    Yes lower that rediculous price and get them in adult sizes too. Please. Thank You Disney

    1. nichole

      They ARE in adult sizes already

  5. lupita

    Are these only for adults? Do you have kids size? My granddaughter wears a size 9 kids.

    1. Nlk

      That is the kids price!

  6. Tracey

    Are these made by Actual Or is this something you are embellishing? I checked the official ugg website and they aren’t on their site. You would think a new product would be there. So I’m confused.

    1. Shyree

      If you click on the link where it says buy here there are women’s and kids sizes

    2. Kim

      They also have Vera Bradley stuff but you can only get it in Disney!! That’s what makes it exclusive.

    3. Eboni

      yes I was wondering the same thing. Did you find out any other info?

    4. Erica

      Yes They Are On The UGG Website

  7. Jenn

    How fast is shipping? I would need these by this Wednesday.

  8. Melissa

    Do they come in tall? I have searched and found none!!!!

  9. What about pick and black

  10. Eboni

    I just checked the Ugg website as well and didn’t see them on there. Is this legit?

    1. Erica

      Yes They Are But They’re Only In Red On The UGG Site

  11. Chianne

    These are way over priced , that’s the cost for adult UGGs and while I get they are custom made they are made for children and they will grow out of them fairly fast

  12. Carrie

    I don’t think they are over priced. You pay for what you get and uggs are good quality. Nothing with Disney attached to it is cheap.
    I’ll be getting my daughter and grand baby a pair!

  13. Sylvia

    @ sherby I don’t agree with u trying to put ppl down. I’m a stay at home mom to a 5 month and my husband make more then enough money to take care of me, our child, food, clothes and all the bills, but I still think twice before I spend a dollar bc as u said ur husband works hard. Don’t u think you should spend his hard earned money wisely. If u have that many pair of uggs and u say the last forever if taking care of the right way, why do u buy so many pairs? Reesha being a stay at home mom is not someone sitting on their asses bc u have to take care of the cooking n cleaning while the baby is sleeping and if my child is normal that’s only for an hour or two if I’m lucky when they wake up u have to feed them change them n hope to god they go back to sleep after if not u are screwed. But anyway I bought this for my 5 month old even tho it’s not going to fit her now but she will grow into them and its limits edition. My husband was surprised I even spend that much on shoes, but for my child money means nothing to me. He was very happy with me and said if only u would do that for urself.

  14. Melanie

    Uggs are freaking ridiculously ugly boots that are horribly over priced. It’s crazy that people actually spend so much money on them (and also designer clothing) while that money could be used towards multiple other things that can actually benefit your family or even yourself. But… Everyone is entitled to their own choice… I just know my own opinion.

  15. April

    I live the look of ugh boots and have bought a few pair. Each pair has fallen apart in one way or another… I bought some knock off version at Target, and they have lasted so much longer. I am not convinced more $ equal more quality.

  16. nicole

    I make no judgement on who wants to purchase these or can/cannot because it’s your money and your life. …but if these boots are really made in China – the price is in NO WAY justified. Give me a break. If made in the USA – I wouldn’t complain but come on! Uggs is ripping people off with these.

  17. Dverducci

    Ok so I NEVER comment on anything… Not the kind that goes for a fight or debate. I don’t like Facebook I’m not interested in pics people’s dinner food or their political opinions. I eat my own dinner and have plenty of my own political opinions so I don’t need to chew on anyone else’s BUT I have to say that the judgmental ism and ignorance I’m seeing here is up hauling ! I am a professional woman with a six figure income today… I started life as a stay at home mom and a highschool dropout. I have been on both sides of the coin and I am more than qualified to speak here. To all you stay at home moms… GOOD FOR YOU THERE IS NO MORE UNSELFISH JOB THAN THAT! You give up making your professional mark in the word for a labor of love… And make NO MISTAKE I DO MEAN LABOR! Lifting twelve bags of groceries up the stairs while trying to manage a toddler is a WHOLE LOT HARDER THAN TYPING ON A KEYBOARD… So to the ignorant lot that stated that the primary duty of a stay at home mom is sitting on your ass, you must be sitting on your brain. That being said… The pressure of a professional job has its burdens too. Anyway… I have several pairs of uggs.., the don’t last forever.. I bought a kids size five in these for myself. I am a woman’s size 7 and they were even a little large… They are cute and standard price for uggs… I wear uggs not because they are glamorous but because they are cute and comfortable… But I would not spend the money on boots like these for a growing child

  18. Dverducci

    And they ARE real uggs…. They are designed in Australia but like everything else, mass produced in China. Coach bags are the same thing. Designed in the U.S. And mass produced in China … Many companies do that because of the cost of labor… It’s cheaper to mass produce in China … So NOBODy is getting ripped off here… These are real

  19. Dverducci

    @ Shelby don’t know who you called but perhaps you should ring them back and tell them they need a new job… Seems like your good at that

  20. Fawn

    Need these mickey mouse uggs in adults sizes. Love them.

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