Comments for New life-size, voice-controlled BB-8 toy to premiere at 2016 New York Toy Fair


  1. MJF

    They say life-size but then they go on to say over 16″ tall. Well it needs to be way over 16″ to be life-size. BB-8 should be 26″ to be 1:1 scale. Is 16″ a typo?

    1. Robert

      in reality it’s not 16 inches …it’s the size of a beach ball so 26 inches is 1 /1 scale…I guess I won’t be buying this after all..the one that they have at Target is just about lifestyle unfortunately target won’t sell their displays

      1. Carlson

        I know right! I’ve had my eye on that BB-8 display for so stinkin’ long! Oh what I’d give to get my hands on that display…

    2. MJF

      It was confirmed that the posted size is not a typo. Here are images from Toy Fair: http://www.yodasnews.com/nytf-16-spin-master-booth-images/

      It’s not that it is a bad product but I feel let down big time that “life size” was used in the title of this story. Not sure if this is due to Spin Master or InsideTheMagic.net. Whoever it was… shame on them. 🙁

  2. Kate

    I’m so disappointed that i bought the sphero version that was $150 and the size of my hand. For $30 more I could’ve had this!?!? Oh well.

  3. i just need one of these in my life …. shared this with my Collectors Community http://www.tsu.co/DexterRoona/113101398

  4. Adam

    Sounds cheap for something like that. Whats the catch?

    1. Joyce

      Catch is, it doesn’t come with an app.

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