Comments for New Haunted Mansion Hitchhiking Ghost Tiki Mug now available at Trader Sam’s, Disneyland


  1. Michael Dietrich

    What’s in the “Chilling Challenge”?

  2. Duane

    Anyone know if they’re sold out already?

    1. At Sams Right Now

      Sold out at about 10 PM on release day. Super sad about it.

    2. Jim

      Yep, thanks to all the a holes who are putting them up on ebay.

      1. plague

        as usual
        freakin’ hate the secondary market

  3. EJake

    Anyone have any idea if they’ll be getting another shipment? You would think that they would, right?

    1. Kris

      Just stopped by Trader Sam’s today at 2:30pm. I was told they won’t be getting another shipment in. Super disappointing.

  4. maria

    …..but the drink is still a thing right?

    1. P

      Yes you can still get the drink.

    2. sean

      The drink is so so in my opinion. if they are out of mugs get a kungaloosh. I’m bummed we got 3 of our 4 mugs we should have gotten the 4th to send to another friend. 🙁 for sure no more mugs?

  5. Andrew

    Are they making more or was that it?

  6. CODY

    Got there at 11:15am on Friday, day of release. Already probably 100-150 in line. Two lines, one to just get mugs, one to get into Sams for food, drink and mugs. Waited an hour and twenty minutes just to get into Sams, which was faster than just the mug line. While waiting we saw one man get EIGHT mugs (limit was 2 per person.) When we left Sams he was in line to get more. We told an employee and she just laughed. Mugs are great tho! 🙂

  7. James

    It is confirmed they are making more mugs. Disney underestimated the demand.

    1. Rad

      How legit is this statement?

      1. James

        This info came from 2 separate sources, a bartender at Trader Sams (via a friend) and my brother who is a Disney employee.

  8. Ti

    Saw one on ebay for $850. What jackasses. And here I just wanted one for my tiki themed backyard. :/ Can’t even get one because of greedy bastards like this. Common decency is lacking in some human beings.

    1. Cas

      While I agree with you, clearly people are paying the ridiculous ebay prices. They may not be equally to blame, but they sure contribute to the problem.

  9. Rad

    Talked to a bar tender from here today and he said that they are dunzo. So if you didn’t get one, there’s always next year.

  10. David

    This promotion was egregiously mismanaged. And it’s not the first time Disney has completely fallen down with events like this.

    We came for the AP Days last Thursday. The mug was on display, and we were told they were ON SALE at Trader Sam’s. We left the park and headed over, only to be told they were NOT on sale until Saturday. Then the bartender winked and said “Maybe Friday…”

    When we came back, they had neither the mug nor the drink. And we were then told it was only a one-day event, they were sold out, and they would not be getting more. They could not even make the drink because they were “out of the ingredients.”

    The Disney website describes this as being available through the holiday season. Which I’m pretty sure is more than a few hours long.

  11. Finky099

    Inside sources say there will be more. When? Don’t know. Same glaze? Can’t confirm. But there will eventually be more.
    For now, let’s go back to what’s really important in our lives and keep an eye on social media for mug updates.

    1. Carl

      Well stated. I’m keeping my finger on all pulses, so to speak, to try to get my hands on one of these without having to pay 5x the price of the mug to get one via ebay!

  12. Kim

    I have a hitchhiking ghost mug I’m looking to trade for last years brown Mahaloween mug! Let me know if interested! Hoping someone has an extra??

  13. Cristian Diaz

    More mugs are coming! Confirmed! October 13th to mid October is what I’m hearing. The mug will be released at Mahaloween 2016! Keep your eyes and ears open for tickets as the event will sell out quickly on Disney dining

    1. Des

      Christian Diaz, Any updates on when they will announce the date for Mahaloween?

      1. SkipperCristian

        Unfortunately no. Thought it was going down on the 13th but that was misinformation. I’ll keep you guys posted if anything changes

        1. Finky099

          Skipper Christian, any word on when the HHG mugs might reappear at Sam’s in DLR?
          PS – I sure could go for a Trinidad Sour right about now!

  14. Em

    I’m sorry if I offend you but as a Disney Cast Member I find your comment very rude. Not all cast members treat annual pass holders the way you said we do. A lot of us know that annual pass holders are a big deal to the park and that they are like our everyday celebrities. Where I work we treat them with respect and try to give them and everyone else the best deal they can. Also Disney does care about complaints. I see them on an everyday basis figuring out ways to make sure these complaints don’t happen again. They want to make sure that everyone is happy and gets what they want. It’s not always immediate, but they work on it.

  15. SkipperCristian

    Update! There has been no formal date announced to anyone about the mugs yet. Please disregard all info until the official announcement is made thank you

    1. SpaceG

      SkipperCristian thank you for your updates – very helpful!

    2. anna

      The mugs are back! On sale today Tuesday 10/25/16

  16. Skipper Dani

    Come on in and say hello, grab your Hitchhiking ghost mug before they run out again!

  17. lisa

    Anyone know if they have any left today?

  18. lisa

    I just got some but they said they expect to sell out within the next few hours. They started with 500 this morning at 11:30 and it’s now 1:00. The line is fairly short though.

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