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    M. Waller

    Unfortunately, the Mickey Mouse Memories pin promotion kicked off with a glaring SNAFU. The email sent to everyone contains a display of the initial January merch. If you look closely among the three January pins is a 4th pin, round with the Mickey Mouse Memories logo. Thanks to the power of the internet, there is at least one u-tube vid from the UK that explains this 4th pin. Part of the Disney Store promotion in the UK included a ‘pin set keeper book,’ which included this round logo pin, similar to a previous pin promotion that initially had a backpack with pin you could purchase. Even though the logo pin is pictured in the promotional photo on the web site and in the email, it won’t be made available state side according to the folks at my local Disney Store. Bottom line, after you spend valuable time and lots of money, your collection will have a glaring omission.

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