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Han and Leia I Love You/I Know Mug lets “Star Wars” fans know how you really feel

Current Price: $9.99

Han and Leia’s iconic moment from “Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back” gets immortalized on this I Love You/I Know Ceramic Mug.

The officially-licensed Star Wars mug features Han and Leia stealing a kiss as they’re surrounded by cartoon hearts. The ultra-romantic moment is punctuated with their memorable declarations of “I love you” and “I know.” Buy it as a Valentine’s Day gift to let your sweetheart know you love them (as if they didn’t already know), or as a treat for yourself.

The Star Wars I Love You/I Know Mug is currently available at ThinkGeek, so head over to their website to purchase. 

Current Price: $9.99

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