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Figment Dream Friend Plush is adorable beyond imagination

Figment Dream Friend Plush

Credit: shopDisney

Current Price: $34.99

Epcot fans–ever wanted to journey into your imagination with Figment from the comfort of your very own bed? Well, now you can with this incredibly adorable Figment Dream Friend Plush!

A trip to the Disney Parks can take a lot out anyone and the best way to end a day so magical and tiresome is to lie with Epcot’s unofficial mascot: Figment. The cuddly plush is an exact replica of the dragon from Journey Into Imagination with Figment at the Walt Disney World park, only in a soft and smooth exterior.

Figment Dream Friend Plush
Credit: shopDisney

The stuffed plush animal features the iconic dragon’s orange horns and wings and his cute face, snoozing of course, with embroidered details. The plush also features detailed sculpting, Figment’s orange claws and spine plates, and is part of the Disney Parks Dream Friend Plush Collection.

For those who are not familiar with this old Disney Parks friend, Figment is a small purple dragon who serves as the mascot of the Imagination pavilion at Epcot. He premiered at the park back in 1983 with the original Journey Into Imagination dark ride attraction.

Figment is meant to be the literal embodiment of the phrase “figment of the imagination” and is composed of various elements Dreamfinder found in his travels. These include the character’s adorable tiny wings, large yellow eyes, and his horns!

Epcot’s seasonal festivals bring some of Walt Disney World’s most sought after merchandise. Figment is frequently featured as a major design element in the annual Epcot International Food & Wine Festival‘s merchandise lines along with 2019’s Festival of the Arts merchandise line. You won’t have to journey into imagination to celebrate Epcot’s favorite dragon! Figment takes center stage at Epcot’s many festivals as an icon appearing on the majority of each event’s exclusive merchandise.

Will you be purchasing this adorable Figment Dream Friend Plush?

Current Price: $34.99


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    So sad that it is already sold out. I was there the day he was born. I would love to add hom to my collection.

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    First it was the Figment T shirt now the plush Figment , I sure wish they would sell more‼️We are season pass holders and have yet to buy either they are always sold out! I think people buy a bunch then put them on E bay for 3 times what they paid! So sad 😢

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    Brian Villalta

    Why do they always sell out of something when I want it? I remember first meeting him with the Dreamkeeper outside the attraction when I was just a kid.

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