Comments for Exclusive First Look: “Frozen” Princess Anna Limited Edition Disney Store doll coming soon


  1. Scott A. McDonald

    Outstading the detail on her dress looks great. I can hardly wait to see what the others are like.

  2. Luhvgfer

    So sick of Frozen stuff. The movie was okay but now that it is still being milked it seems so overrated. Why not do something new?

    1. Scott A. McDonald

      So sorry you just don’t get it. 1.27 billon at the box office and just about ever language on the planet. This is the third LE doll release for one movie. And we still can let it go.

  3. TL

    I am a collector and I was on my honeymoon when the first set came out. For people like me that didn’t get to get the first set, this is a good thing. However, I was hoping Elsa would be in her Frozen Fever dress. I am hoping they release her in that dress at D23 this year.

  4. Scott A. McDonald

    We’ll there hear . Looks like there’s been some up grades from the earlier dolls. They look great.

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