Comments for Disney Princess Outfits by TUTU COUTURE


  1. yujuhorn

    I don’t why they always forget Mulan and Tiana…..:-(

  2. Gazelle

    No Jasmine? No Tiana? No Mulan? No Pocahontas? …I’m so surprised.

  3. Lisa Mulhearn

    No Merida????

  4. Jami

    Where’s Tiana and Nani?!

    And BTW – a quote bearing t-shirt with a floofy skirt is NOT “designing.” It’s called being lazy!

  5. Shawni Miller

    I would love in an adult size! For races!

  6. Raquel

    I am confused by this outfit. A regular t-shirt with a skirt that looks like a play dress-up skirt? My daughter just got one for her birthday, and I don’t know if she should wear it to bed or to school!

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