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Disney Princess Dinnerware Set


  1. Lynn

    Is the only set available, Beauty & the Beast? Looks like that’s the only one when I click to purchase. When will the others be back in stock? Thank you

    1. Kurt Schmidt

      The 16 pieces set consists of 4 sets of 4 with Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and Beauty and the Beast. Therefore if you order the 16 piece set you will get all 4 characters.

      1. Natasha1534

        Are you sure about that, Kurt? That’s not how the article reads.

  2. Jane

    When I click on the purchase link it takes me to the GameStop website that does not sell them. Where can I purchase them from? ?

    1. Kurt Schmidt

      GameStop owns ThinkGeek and recently closed down the ThinkGeek brand and wrapped it into GameStop. We hope these plates will be coming back soon. They have been very popular and go through periods of being sold out and then back in stock. While I have no ETA when they might be back in stock please be sure to check back periodically.

    2. Kurt Schmidt

      Jane the plates are back. If you are still interested be sure to check out the updated page.

      1. Gerry

        Kurt do you know when they will be back in stock? 2020??

  3. I am trying to buy the Cinderella set for my nieces wedding but I cannot find them- when I hit the price nothing happens – please help

    1. Kurt Schmidt

      Natasha the plates are back. If you are still interested be sure to check out the updated page.

  4. Marisol

    I am trying to purchase a set and not having any luck. Could I please get help to order. Thanks in advance!

    1. Kurt Schmidt

      Marisol the plates are back. If you are still interested be sure to check out the updated page.

  5. Pamela Anderson

    Why doesn’t the title of this article state that these are available at Target? Is this something new? I’m pretty sure in the past they’ve only been available at thinkgeek.com.

    1. Kurt Schmidt

      Pamela, Yes when we first shared these earlier this year they with ThinkGeek, but then GameStop (parent company of ThinkGeek) folded ThinkGeek into their store and the plates didn’t make the list of products at GameStop. But recently they re-appeared at Target. If you already have the ThinkGeek dinnerware set its the same set.

  6. Jenny

    I love them but it’s a hard pass since they are not dishwasher or microwave safe.

  7. Bianca

    Are these available in Australia??

  8. Kathryn

    Does anyone know where to get them now? I can’t find them anywhere and my mom just offered to buy them for my wedding shower. So bummed.

    1. Deb

      I want them too! Please someone help! The target near me says they never heard of them although I know someone who purchased a set there! So confusing!!!!!

  9. eBay is the Only way you can buy them right now. I wanted a set for my daughter and bought a set on eBay for double. Shipping itself because they are so heavy is about $70 so, they are really only making that extra $100 if they list for $300

  10. Melanie Durham

    These are absolutely stunning and I cannot wait to purchase Cinderella!

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