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D23: Mickey’s of Glendale merchandise at Destination D 2016

For the D23 Destination D event being held at Walt Disney World Resort this weekend, the super popular pop-up shop Mickey’s of Glendale has returned with some exclusive merchandise.

Mickey’s of Glendale is a Walt Disney Imagineering store usually just available to Disney cast members in Glendale, California. But luckily event attendees this weekend have a chance to check out merchandise from the shop such as exclusive shirts, jackets, mugs, bags and–of course–pins!

The theme of this event is “Amazing Adventures,” so you will find plenty of merchandise featuring Adventureland favorites such as Jungle Cruise and Tiki Room. The animated movie, Beauty and the Beast, also got some special attention as it celebrated its anniversary this year.


General merchandise

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Disney Pins

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  1. Man oh man I love these….I suspect/assume they won’t be available for purchase outside of Destination D such as over the Shop Disney app. Bummer.

    Fun stuff though (and my wallet is probably grateful that I can’t drop a mint to buy all of the items I want *grin*)

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