Comments for Back in Stock! PANDORA Disney Charms


  1. Kathleen

    I was born when Disneyland opened so we are celebrating my “60th” there this summer. I tried to get some of these charms and they were all sold out. Whatz up?

    1. Angela

      Ill be there in July too to celebrate my 60th at the same time as the theme park does! I’m hoping some of the new DL charms will be there to bring home! We live 10 minutes from EPCOT but fell in love with DL last year so we are headed back in July for 2 weeks!!

  2. Martha

    Grrrr. I have been waiting & waiting for these to come back & they are out of stock already!!!

  3. Jill

    They are available now! Old and new!!!

  4. Kim

    Any news on new releases for this fall/winter? I have heard rumors of a Christmas charm.

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