Comments for 2016 Minnie Mouse collection by UGG


  1. Sheila

    This is ridiculous what you are charging for these Disney boots my grandoughter want these broke my heart to tell her no too much money

  2. Deborah Weiss-borg

    I agree 100%! It’s like she bought them all out so you would have to buy them from her. Now you have to pay her asking price which is ridiculously marked up! Isn’t there a law against this?

  3. These are relatively inexpensive when compared to the ones on the Uggs website. They retail for $450


  4. Cassandra

    Ok Wethersfield these aare kid sizes or adult sizes any body who pays for these are retarded . Yes there nice boots but u can buy the same sizes ugg boots at the mall for a 110 . All day and for 45 all day n kids sizes . This is a real rip off period .

  5. Stop the sheep cruelty.

    Stop buying Uggs!


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