‘What a Disaster!’ Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Suffering Malfunctions, and It Hasn’t Even Opened Yet

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Tiana's Bayou Adventure at Magic Kingdom.

Credit: Inside The Magic

To say that Disney World has a lot riding on the opening of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure at the Magic Kingdom is a bit of an understatement. As this is the only major ride or attraction opening at Disney World this year, it’s easy to say that Disney has everything riding on this new ride, which is a success. 

Illustration from Disney’s "The Princess and the Frog," showing Tiana smiling in the foreground with a lily, and Prince Naveen guiding a boat through Tiana's Bayou Adventure in
Credit: Disney/ Edited by Inside the Magic

The changeover from Splash Mountain to Tiana’s Bayou Adventure was controversial, as many fans did not want to see their beloved Splash Mountain disappear. 

However, as the significant change started to take shape, even the most diehard Splash Mountain fans had to agree that the new Disney World ride would be worth losing their favorite ride. 

Walt Disney World opened Tiana’s Bayou Adventure for previews last month, and most of the reviews were optimistic. However, Disney employees were the first few people to get on the ride. Since then, season pass holders, D23 members, and Disney Vacation Club members have had the chance to ride and found a common problem with the new attraction. 

Reports have surfaced that Tiana’s Bayou Adventure has continued to break down and malfunction during previews. According to one report, the ride has only appropriately operated for three hours in the last five days of operation. 

During the last five days of previews, Tiana’s Bayou Adventure has experienced several significant malfunctions, requiring guests to evacuate the ride.

The issue seems to be with the ride hardware. Like other recent Disney rides refurbished, Disney spent a lot of money creating animatronics but did not upgrade the ride hardware. As a result, there have been breakdowns and backups at all the drops in the ride. 

Some of these issues can be seen in the first-person video of the ride that Disney released last week, as the ride vehicles have to wait a short time for the drops. 

As is the case with many issues at Walt Disney World, guests took to social media to complain about the state of the attraction. One guest wrote: 

General previews for Imagineers, cast members, annual pass holders, Club 33 members, DVC members, and D23 guests shouldn’t have started until the ride was looping reliably. It’s unprofessional. Disney sold tickets on the promise of guests being able to ride the attraction early.

Other Disney World guests said that this was the curse of Splash Mountain, but it appears that Disney did not upgrade the hardware from the former ride over 30 years old. 

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is set to open in late June, and Disney desperately needs this ride to bring in large crowds. Reports have surfaced that Memorial Day Weekend crowds were low, and even Bob Iger said he expects Walt Disney World crowds to diminish through 2025. 

Credit: @DrewDisneyDude

However, the debut of the newest Magic Kingdom attraction was meant to be a fanfare-filled affair, and many guests planned their Disney World trip around the late June opening. 

There are still more than three weeks until the Magic Kingdom attraction opens to the general public. Hopefully, that will be enough time for Disney to work out some of the kinks with the new ride.

If not, plenty of angry fans will be heading to social media to complain about Disney’s latest attraction.

If you’ve ridden Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, did you experience any issues?

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