“Confused” Guests Kicked out of ‘Star Wars’ Bar, Reservation Terminated

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Visitors enjoying drinks at a thematic space-themed bar, immersed in an otherworldly ambiance at Oga's Cantina.

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A “confused” Disneyland Resort guest spoke out online this week after Disney cast members allegedly kicked their party out of Oga’s Cantina, a luxury bar in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Star Wars land hit mainstream news last week when YouTuber Jenny Nicholson’s four-hour video about Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser amassed more than seven million views. The breakdown of Walt Disney World Resort’s failed Star Wars hotel captivated the internet, dissecting the $6,000, two-day experience.

Unlike the Galactic Starcruiser, Oga’s Cantina is still operational. One of the most popular experiences in Batuu at Disneyland Park and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the pricey bar books up months in advance–as soon as Walt Disney World Resort hotel guests’ 60-day reservation window opens.

Redditor u/Particular-Bike-9275 and their friends were excited to snag an Oga’s Cantina reservation to end their Disneyland Resort trip. Unfortunately, the guest says their experience was ruined when Disney cast members forced half of the group to leave the bar.

A bustling, futuristic bar teeming with patrons, centered around an intricate, mechanical contraption that adds to the immersive, otherworldly ambiance.
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“Someone in my party scheduled a table while the rest of the party was on a ride,” the Disney Park guest explained. “They got in and we rejoined a few minutes late, but they let us in. While inside, everyone that got there late was then told we had to leave and they escorted us out.”

“I guess because we weren’t all brought in at the same time, our late party had to reschedule a time to come in,” they continued. “I guess we all had to be seated at the same time? The next opening had us seated half an hour later and we couldn’t wait for that time so we just left. It was pretty disappointing…I was really confused.”

In a comment, the guest explained that the group had made two separate reservations for two parties. Their friend allegedly explained this to cast members when asked if their entire party was present.

A robot waving at Oga's Cantina may the 4th
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“They asked if more could arrive later and that he actually made two reservations for two parties,” the guest wrote. “He was told it shouldn’t be a problem, but I guess it was.”

It’s not possible for one guest to have two reservations on the same Disneyland Resort account, so the guest’s friend was either mistaken or intentionally misleading cast members to skirt the rule that everyone in the party must be present to be seated. Oga’s Cantina has a strict 45-minute time limit, so all guests must arrive together to get the full experience.

star wars tales from the galaxy's edge cantina
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“This was on your friend,” u/matchamagpie commented. “They shouldn’t have tried to get seated without the whole party there. This wasn’t on Disneyland.”

“The rest of your party probably said ‘yes’ so they could get seated hoping you could sneak in later, but generally that is not allowed,” u/bubbafry agreed. “…Your party should have waited for you to join them, then let the staff know that your entire party was here, and then get seated.”

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