Marvel Moves on From TV, Movies, Rebrands With Sports Supplements

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Marvel has had a rocky few years at the box office, with streaming viewership numbers and with critics, but it has a solution: pivot to sports supplements!

Brie Larson as Captain Marvel in Avengers: Endgame
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For many years, the various Marvel brands owned by The Walt Disney Company have steered mostly clear of overt co-branding. While product placement has been a pretty big part of the MCU since the beginning, it was largely understated, at least up until the powers behind Deadpool & Wolverine decided that the two gritty anti-heroes needed to relax with the refreshing taste of Heineken Silver.

Two people, one in a red and black suit and the other in a yellow and blue suit, clink Heineken beer cans together outdoors. The background is blurred, suggesting a wooded area.
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To be sure, there were many Burger King tie-in meals and an Infinity Gauntlet’s worth of costumes, action figures, video games, and the like, but all of it was at least vaguely related to a particular movie or show about to be released. It may be the company still has unpleasant memories of the years when Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four were enlisted to sell Hostess Cupcakes and Twinkies to impressionable children.

A comic panel shows Spider-Man thwarting a woman's sinister plan with Hostess Twinkies Cakes. The woman, wearing a yellow jacket, is tied to a tree as Spider-Man eats a Twinkie. She warns him they will meet again, while he enjoys the snack. Hostess Twinkies are depicted.
Credit: Marvel Comics

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But, perhaps in the wake of collapsing box office grosses and Disney’s pressing need to monetize its IP at any cost, Marvel has decided to turn to the most logical brand partner of all, British whey protein supplements.

As such, it has officially partnered with Myprotein, a company that describes itself as “charting its own unique path. It all began with a vision and a humble kitchen table, where we dared to dream of revolutionizing the way we power our movements.”

A black poster with the Marvel and MyProtein logos at the top. The text reads "Choose your SUPERpower" followed by "Marvel Inspired Impact Whey Protein." A design featuring superhero symbols is on the right side of the poster. © 2021 Marvel.
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Marvel and Myprotein have released four branded new whey protein powder sports supplements, each corresponding to a different MCU superhero. The company’s website also sells corresponding metal shakers and bundles.

  • Black Panther: Blue Raspberry flavour
  • Spider-Man: Raspberry & Strawberry flavours
  • Hulk: Green Plum & Kiwi flavours
  • Captain Marvel: Orange, Mango & Tropical flavours

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The advertising for the product describes the Marvel protein powder as:

We’ve joined forces with MARVEL to deliver Super Hero-themed Clear Whey Protein.

Four flavours inspired by iconic MARVEL characters — Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Spider-Man, and Hulk — and delivering at least 20g of protein per serve.

What is Clear Whey Protein?

Experience the difference with Clear Whey Protein. Lighter than traditional whey, and more powerful than your average juice.

It scooped “Best Protein Powder” at the European Specialist Sports Nutrition Awards in 2022. And it’s award-winning for a reason.

A container of MyProtein Impact Whey Protein with Marvel branding is displayed against a background featuring various Marvel superhero logos. The black and gold label emphasizes its purpose to support an active lifestyle.
Credit: Marvel

To be fair, almost every superhero or villain in the MCU looks like they have been bulking on clear whey protein powder every moment of the day, so perhaps it was inevitable that Disney would get here eventually. It’s better than trying to market it as a Super Soldier Serum, at least.

Would you try this Myprotein powder? Tell us your flavor preference in the comments below!

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