Hello Dolly! Dolly Parton Announces New Broadway Debut

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Dolly Parton is a national treasure who has enchanted and delighted audiences worldwide throughout her impressive and extensive career. Now, the singer-songwriter is opening a new chapter and stepping onto the Broadway stage with a brand new musical.

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Along with being an award-winning recording artist, a star of the silver screen, and an honored philanthropist, Parton’s talents reach far beyond the realms of country music. Since making a name for herself in the music industry, Parton has since adapted her work for the stage, including the musical adaptation of 9 to 5 (1980) and Candles, Snow, and Mistletoe, all with songs by the golden-wigged icon herself.

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Although she has faced some massive career changes in recent reports, Parton recently announced that a new musical inspired by her life, experiences, and classic songs would be gracing the Broadway stage as Hello, I’m Dolly makes its stage debut. Naturally, Dolly Parton never does anything small.

Dolly Parton Releases New Stage Musical

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Per the announcement on her socials, Parton made the following statement.

“I’ve been writing my life story as a Broadway musical for several years and I’m proud to announce we are finally developing ‘Hello, I’m Dolly – An Original Musical’ for the Broadway stage…”

Although little is known about the upcoming project, Hello, I’m Dolly is set to be Parton’s personal passion project. Reports claim that it will feature an autobiographical narrative with fan-favorite songs to set things in motion.

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Variety made coverage today that further expanded on the project’s progress, stating that Parton would also be handling the film’s score and reuniting with creators from her Netflix movie, Christmas on the Square.

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The report reads,

“Parton’s score for the show is described as a mixture of newly written songs and “all your favorites.” The singer is co-writing the book for the autobiographical production with Maria S. Schlatter, who previously co-wrote the 2020 Netflix movie “Christmas on the Square” with Parton.”

The report also shares an official statement from Dolly Parton, sharing her enthusiasm for the upcoming stage event.

“Hello, I’m Dolly, and I lived my whole life to see this show on stage… I’ve written many original songs for the show and included all your favorites in it as well. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll clap, you’ll stomp; it truly is a Grand Ol’ Opera. Pun and fun intended. Don’t miss it!”

Too Big for Dollywood

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While the world still longs for the perfect casting of Dolly Parton as Dolly Levi in Hello Dolly, millions of her adoring fans are ecstatic to see an original musical creation step into the spotlight. If it’s anything like some of Parton’s other more recent projects, such as her Rockstar album, it’s bound to be a Broadway smash.

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Although still in the production stages, fans can stay tuned and learn more about the upcoming show on its official website (seen here). Until then, we can only sit back and relax as Dolly Parton dazzles us again.

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