Dolly Parton Under Heavy Security and Police Watch After Startling News

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Country star Dolly Parton has been surrounded by police and security and continues to have them around her following this week’s upcoming activities.

Dolly Parton
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Dolly Parton, a captivating singer and songwriter who rose to fame in the 1960s, has earned her place among musical legends. Her unique blend of country twang and pop sensibilities resonated with audiences across genres, with hits like “Jolene,” “I Will Always Love You” (later covered by Whitney Houston), “9 to 5,” and “Coat of Many Colors” securing her lasting impact.

However, Parton’s ambitions extended beyond the recording studio. Recognizing the potential for economic development in her home state, she leveraged her musical success to invest in a theme park near her hometown in Tennessee.

Originally called Silver Dollar City, the park was rebranded as Dollywood in 1986, transforming into a vibrant celebration of Appalachian heritage and traditions. Under Parton’s vision, Dollywood has grown significantly, boasting over 50 world-class rides, captivating live shows, and award-winning dining options.

It remains a major tourist destination, attracting millions of visitors annually and solidifying Parton’s legacy not just as a musical icon but also as a savvy businesswoman and champion of her Smoky Mountain roots.

Dollywood Parks & Resorts recently unveiled The Dolly Parton Experience, a brand-new attraction that reportedly brought Parton to tears upon witnessing it. This expansive interactive museum takes the place of the former Adventures in Imagination area, which had remained relatively unchanged since 2002.

Spanning three times the size of its predecessor, The Chasing Rainbows Museum, The Dolly Parton Experience offers an immersive journey through three distinct exhibits.

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Songteller chronicles Parton’s rise to stardom, showcasing the stories behind her most beloved songs and accomplishments. Visitors will gain a deeper understanding of the inspirations that fueled her creative fire.

Behind The Seams is dedicated to Parton’s legendary fashion sense; this exhibit features a curated collection of her iconic outfits. Fans can get a glimpse into the creative process behind her unforgettable looks, from dazzling gowns to signature wigs.

Precious Memories is housed within the DreamSong Theater; this exhibit explores the importance of faith and family in Parton’s life. Here, visitors will gain insights into her personal values and the people who have shaped her journey.

Dollywood has even become so popular that it has taken over Disney World as the #1 park that guests have voted to revisit. 

In 2022, country music legend Dolly Parton hinted at a change in her touring schedule. While not a complete retirement, she expressed a desire to focus on less demanding performances.

Parton stated, “I don’t think I’ll ever tour again, but I do know I’ll do special shows here and there.” Elaborating on her decision, she acknowledged the time and energy required by major tours, suggesting a preference for “a long weekend of shows, or just a few shows at a festival.”

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This shift implies that fans can still look forward to catching Parton live, but in a format that prioritizes focused appearances rather than extensive tours.

In addition to her evolving performance preferences, Dolly Parton’s touring schedule has also been influenced by personal circumstances.

Her husband of 58 years, Carl Thomas Dean, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease in 2017. Since then, Ms. Parton has strategically reduced her touring and public appearances to prioritize spending time with Mr. Dean at their Tennessee home.

Recent reports suggest Ms. Parton may take a more extended career break, reflecting her unwavering commitment to family and a desire to cherish their remaining time together. Moving forward, Ms. Parton is expected to limit public appearances and media interactions.

While Parton may not tour in the traditional sense (she even gave her tour bus to rock band NOFX to use), she did recently announce multiple projects, including a cookbook, a family reality-style show, and a new multimedia tour, Dolly Parton’s Threads: My Songs in Symphony.

The show will be a multimedia symphonic story-telling experience that will hit the road in 2025. With the show having Parton filmed, she will actually never have to appear on stage. There will be an orchestra, however, and live performers and musicians.

The program promises a visually stunning and musically rich journey through Parton’s life and music. It seems Parton’s music will be the focus of this show, but not Parton herself.

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Some of that filming may have already just begun!

Country music legend Dolly Parton is currently taping a special project at Knoxville’s historic Bijou Theatre this week.

Details surrounding the performance remain confidential, but it is believed to be part of a forthcoming four-part documentary series titled “Dolly Parton & Family: Smoky Mountain DNA – Family, Faith & Fables.” The project will also be accompanied by a new album.

Security for the event is tight, with only a select few friends of the Parton family and a contingent of Knoxville police officers in attendance.

The Bijou Theatre has implemented a strict no-phone policy for the duration of the taping, and production vehicles have filled the surrounding streets and parking lots.

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Tickets for the event were quickly snapped up by dedicated fans when Parton shared the news, who are adhering to the production’s strict guidelines. Audience members are reportedly directed on where to sit and stand throughout the performance.

A press release for the project confirms that the filmed concert performances at the Bijou Theatre are a central focus of the “Smoky Mountain DNA” docuseries. The documentary will also feature interviews with Parton and various family members, with a particular emphasis on Rev. Jake Owens, Parton’s grandfather, who instilled strong values of faith, music, and storytelling within the family.

What do you think of Dolly Parton’s plans for the future?

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