Roller Coaster Horror: Tree Falls on Guests Mid-Ride at Theme Park

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An image split in half: the left side shows emergency vehicles, including an ambulance and fire truck with lights flashing at night, while the right side depicts a roller coaster and parking lot at sunset in Happy Valley.

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A popular and famous theme park in China called Happy Valley had a terrifying moment caught on video showing guests getting struck with branches from a falling tree during a violent storm while they were still on a roller coaster.

People walk past an amusement park ride with looping yellow tracks and a large rotating disk, set against tall rocky formations. The sky is clear and blue, offering a perfect theme park day. Some visitors sit on benches while others stroll around; meanwhile, "Tree Falls" stands as the next thrill for daring adventurers at Happy Valley theme park in China.
Credit: Happy Valley theme park

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Popular Chinese Theme Park Happy Valley Raises Concerns After Tree Falls Onto Guests While Still on Coaster

Happy Valley (simplified Chinese: 欢乐谷; traditional Chinese: 歡樂谷; pinyin: Huānlè Gǔ) is a prominent chain of amusement parks located across various cities in China. The first Happy Valley park debuted in 1998 in Shenzhen, Guangdong province.

Since then, the chain has expanded to include locations in Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Wuhan, Tianjin, Chongqing, and Nanjing. By 2024, Happy Valley will boast nine parks across China, solidifying its status as a significant competitor to global theme park giants like Disney and Universal.

Although the theme park has a cheerful name, some guests weren’t too happy when an incident occurred not too long ago. Several guests on a roller coaster were surprised to see branches from a tree fall right onto them as they rode the attraction. A video was posted to social media showing the moment when a few guests on a roller coaster at Happy Valley theme park were met with a horrific turn of events.

The amusement park in China suffered an incident seen before at places like Universal Studios Hollywood, any of the Cedar Fair parks, SeaWorld Orlando, Holiday World, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, Cherry Hill water park, and Disney World’s Magic Kingdom park.

Beijing got hit by storm yesterday, the broken branch suddenly fall on mine train coaster at Happy Valley ,luckily nobody injured


According to the post by @MasaneMiyaPA, a powerful storm ripped through the area, as you can see in the video above, with dark clouds surrounding everything. The storm developed strong winds, which caused violent thrashing of the trees around the theme park, leading to the unfortunate incident caught on film above. Thankfully, no guests were seriously harmed by the tree falling on them during the storm, but no further information exists.

Blue sky over a yellow roller coaster within a theme park called Happy Valley in China.
Credit: Happy Valley theme park China

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If a tree fell onto guests during a violent storm at a theme park like Happy Valley, the park would likely implement a comprehensive emergency response plan to ensure the safety and well-being of all guests and staff. The following steps outline a typical procedure. Park staff would promptly alert emergency services and the park’s internal emergency response team.

Onsite medical personnel would immediately be dispatched to the scene to assist injured guests. The affected area would be cordoned off to prevent further injuries. Guests on the ride and in the vicinity would be safely evacuated to a secure location away from the danger zone. The park’s emergency alarms and communication systems would be utilized to inform and guide guests.

Injured guests would receive first aid from trained park staff and onsite medical teams. If necessary, local hospitals would be notified to prepare for incoming patients. Ambulances and other emergency vehicles would be given priority access to the site.

The image depicts a colorful, elaborate water park attraction named "Maya Rain House" located within a lively theme park. It features various slides, climbing structures, large decorative figures, and vibrant designs. There are open and close times displayed on the sign in front of the Tree Falls ride nearby.
Credit: Happy Valley theme park China

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Park management and safety officers would immediately assess the situation to determine the extent of the damage and identify any additional risks. Structural engineers and arborists might also be consulted to evaluate the safety of the ride and surrounding areas. Clear and transparent communication is crucial.

The park would issue statements to the public and media, providing accurate information about the incident, the steps to ensure guest safety, and any changes to park operations. The park would offer support services to affected guests, including medical care, counseling, and assistance with insurance claims. Efforts would be made to ensure that guests feel supported and informed throughout the recovery process.

Based on the investigation’s findings, the park would implement necessary improvements to prevent future incidents. These could include enhanced tree maintenance, improved weather monitoring systems, and updated emergency response protocols. By following these steps, Happy Valley would aim to effectively manage the crisis, minimize harm, and restore confidence among its guests.

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