Disney Reportedly Getting Rid of Star Wars Ride After Years of Controversy

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star wars hyperspace mountain disneyland paris

Credit: Disney

Disney is reportedly done with its controversial Star Wars ride.

Nautilus pokes out next to Hyperspace Mountain
Credit: Disney

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New developments indicate Disney may finally be done with Star Wars at Disneyland Paris, with several elements removed from Hyperspace Mountain. This ride is Paris’ version of Space Mountain, an iconic coaster that can be found worldwide at parks like Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and Tokyo Disney.

Hyperspace Mountain closed earlier this week at Disneyland Paris, with a refurbishment taking place on the exterior portions of the attraction. Work is likely being done on the inside as well, but the more notable changes are found on the outside, such as the construction of a new maintenance area.

This project follows years of controversy and rumors regarding Hyperspace Mountain, with reports indicating this is the beginning of a total transformation. New photos shared by Twitter user @DLPWorks reveal the extent of the refurbishment.

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Disneyland Paris’ version of Space Mountain is quite unique, as it features actual inversions and a thrilling high-speed launch system. Disney took inspiration from the classic Jules Verne novel From the Earth to the Moon, with the roller coaster’s exterior and interior portions featuring steampunk-esque aesthetics and retro-futuristic designs.

The coaster was an immediate success for Disneyland Paris, which had struggled to maintain consistent crowds and generate profits up until that point. Over the last few decades of operation, Disneyland Paris has only posted a net profit 11 times. Thankfully, the European resort’s financial situation is improving, with 2023 being a banner year for Disneyland Paris.

Disneyland Paris decided to do something unexpected to its version of Space Mountain, giving it a Star Wars makeover in 2017. For a limited time, fans could blast off on their own Star Wars adventures as they zoomed through the galaxy and encounter various ships and places featured in Star Wars.

Guests ride Hyperspace Mountain
Credit: Disney

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However, this “limited-time” overlay lasted a lot longer than many had expected, with Hyperspace Mountain operating for over seven years. Rumors have suggested Disneyland Paris would eventually return Space Mountain to its former glory, but after so many years of operation, many fans have given up hope.

Hyperspace Mountain is only scheduled to be closed for a few days, so whatever project is taking place is not all that significant. However, guests could be seeing the early stages of Disneyland Paris’s eventual return of its original Space Mountain roller coaster.

There are many Star Wars experiences to be had inside the Disney theme parks, with Disneyland Paris also featuring its own version of Star Tours: The Adventures Continue.

Stateside, guests can live out their own Star Wars adventures in Galaxy’s Edge, an immersive, Star Wars-themed land filled with unforgettable attractions and dazzling shopping and dining experiences.

What’s your favorite Star Wars experience at the Disney parks?

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