Disney Confirms “Offensive” Country Bears Songs Dropped, Music From ‘Zootopia’ To Be Added

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Two animatronic characters on stage: a bear in a white vest and bow tie performing in front with country bear jamboree audio, and a monkey in a top hat on a podium behind

Credit: Disney

The Country Bears are changing in a big way.

Country Bear Jamboree closing at the Magic Kingdom.
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While Walt Disney World may be home to a large collection of iconic rides and thrilling attractions, few experiences are as revered or as beloved as the Country Bear Jamboree. This hilarious and often awkward show delighted guests for decades, featuring an ensemble cast of bears who sang, played instruments, and told jokes “live” on stage as guests laughed, sang, and cringed along.

The history and importance of Disney’s Country Bears cannot be understated, with the attraction being considered one of Disney’s most iconic creations of all time. However, this all changed in 2023, when The Walt Disney Company announced major changes were on the way for the Country Bears.

Big Al at Country Bear Hall
Credit: Disney (Edited by Inside the Magic)

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Last year, Disney dropped the news that it would be closing the Country Bear Jamboree at Magic Kingdom, announcing the decades-old attraction would receive some major upgrades and renovations. While the location itself and its animatronics will remain unchanged, a brand-new show will be written, with the bears singing their own version of classic Disney songs.

For months, fans have waited to get more information regarding the Country Bears, but Disney has kept its lips sealed for the most part. However, Disney has finally released the official tracklist for the new version of the show, and some of the songs may surprise guests.

During the latest episode of We Call It Imagineering, an original YouTube series from Walt Disney Imagineering, the list of songs that will be part of the new Country Bears attraction was revealed. This new setlist includes iconic Disney songs from films like Zootopia (2016) and Aladdin (1992), such as “A Whole New World,” “Bear Necessities,” and “Try Everything.”

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For many fans, Disney’s decision to close the Country Bears came out of left field, as it had not touched the attraction for years and had made no attempt to promote it either. The Country Bear Jamboree has been an incredibly controversial part of Magic Kingdom for quite a while, with multiple songs and jokes in the show being considered inappropriate.

The bears joke about violence and murder and make several innuendos that may catch parents off guard. Quite a few characters within the show, like Liver Lips McGrowl, have also been labeled “offensive” over the years.

Disney’s Country Bear Jamboree officially closed in early 2024, and the new show, Country Bear Musical Jamboree, is expected to open sometime in 2024.

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