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Comments for Splash Mountain Drop Vanishes at Magic Kingdom Amid ‘Princess and the Frog’ Retheme

A group of people descend rapidly in Splash Mountain ride amidst a rugged, rocky landscape, splashing water around as they enjoy the thrill.

Credit: Disney


  1. M

    I wonder what Disney is gonna do when this atrocious re-theme flops???

    1. Nia

      Its not a flop

  2. Ed ucated

    Black Rides Matter

  3. Paddie O'Furniture

    George Floyd Mountain

  4. B

    Hopefully they can keep the mist going not like Pirates where Davy Jones must doesn’t work most the time or has been discontinued

  5. Cody

    I’ve watched Song of the South twice this year, its not bad at all. James Baskett won an academy award for his performance of Uncle Remus, so hiding this movie is actually erasing Black history. Even Rian Johnson’s wife,

    1. Cody

      Don’t believe the hype, watch this movie with fresh eyes and find out for yourselves! Disney hiding this film is a brand move that only makes things worse. Prior to Walt Disney’s death, Disney was not a brand but a company for innovation.

  6. Dan Fitzpatrick

    Asking for a friend. Why couldn’t Disney have kept Splash Mountain, and then construct the Tiana’s Ride on the other side of Big Thunder Mountain? There’s plenty of room, and everyone, or almost everyone, would have gotten what they wanted. Just asking for a friend? The cost of the construction of the attraction couldn’t have been much more than the cost to convert to the new attraction. Could it? My friend, to be honest, loved Splash Mountain.

  7. RickTR

    Visit BLM Mountain for Tiana’s Boring Adventure with actual mist!

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