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A diverse group of Disney cast members, mostly young adults, are standing closely together, smiling, and looking ahead. They are all wearing teal uniforms with badges. Some are holding hands, creating a sense of unity and celebration. The background shows more people in similar attire.

Credit: Disney


  1. Kim

    Just think how it must feel to be homeless and have to watch people day and night spending thousands of dollars just to have fun. At Disney you must smile while on stage yet you don’t know where you’ll lay your head at night. What happened to the affordable housing Disney was building? Did Desantis rid of that too? Disney can afford to house these employees without putting them in situations what may end up being dangerous. Let’s help the people that provide lifetime memories for others!

    1. William

      I blame Bidenomics!

      1. Lil

        You do realize this problem doesn’t stem from the last 2.5 years. The number increased exponentially since 2019. Biden started in January 2021.

        1. Dave

          Complicated issue. Disney requires thousands of employees to succeed. Some of them seasonal. Disney success benefits Florida and the 10’s of thousands of employees that work there. Unaffordable housing is not a Disney issue. If Disney builds housing, that will add significant cost that will show up in ticket prices. I am a Supervisor at a Themepark. The ridiculous costly regulations we deal with defy common sense. I don’t have enough space for examples. It results in higher ticket prices and lower wages. At the same time our Government has added regulatory cost to the realistate market. We vote these politicians in on both sides. Sad

        2. Erin

          These cast members have been under paid for years! They are unionized, and that shows you how much their union is doing for them. Make dorms for staff (like cedar point) vs. Building additions. Additions onto parks! $17.00 an hr minus union dues.!! Wake up

          1. Daryl

            Disney makes enough off of parking along on land that’s been paid.for decades now. They could use it to provide housing. They’ve had.decades to figure that out as they charge more than any other theme park for everything
            They need to make sure their employees have housing or they won’t have employees soon

        3. Sherree

          This company makes billions of dollars. If you can buy ESPN and Hulu you can build housing for the people who guarantee that money keeps coming in. Bottom line if you can’t value the people who dedicate their lives to this company ,why should I spend a dime on anything Disney touches?

          1. Lynn

            Why is this a government problem? It sounds more like a Disney problem. If 10% of their cast members are homeless, maybe they should build affordable housing for them. Disney has plenty of land for it. And they certainly have the funding. It shouldn’t be up to the local governments to solve the problem.

        4. David Florence

          Typical bringing politics into the situation but then again maybe it should. Who is Governor for Florida? Yes you’ve guessed it, a Republican. Who threw is Teddy out the pram when Disney wouldn’t play ball? Who decided to scrap the local council, yes a Republican. Who threatened to build a prison next to Disney? I could go on and on and on but you’d still blame Biden.

        5. Rose

          It has been an issue long before Trump! Look at Obama and before Obama! It’s not actually a President but Congress! There’s congressional leaders who have been in office for over 50 years! They have done nothing to make life better for the less fortunate! DeSantis also is part of the problem. And also Leeks the government leader who created increased prices for insurance companies! Not a one person issue.

        6. Cheryl Brogan

          Only got worse not better

        7. Jim

          Inflation was under 1.5%the entire time Trump was in office, including almost a year of the pandemic. Under Biden it hit 9.1

      2. Erin

        Sorry, but low wages since 80’s. And union

      3. John Robles

        Of course you do. Disney has always been that way and it’s a republican state

      4. Renee

        Blame right wing fascists like Ron DeSantis , who make life impossible on behalf of his wealthy donors.

        1. Cheryl

          No blame Disney

        2. Jim

          Name 1way he has made it harder for lower wage or middle class?

      5. Dorrie

        Blame Disney and DeSantis!!

      6. AJ

        you do know that homelessness has been around for decades? RIGHT!

      7. AJ

        Wow!!! homelessness has been around for decades.

    2. Henry

      I agree. Offsite supplemental, subsidized housing would be a win-win for Disney. Why don’t they build it or purchase existing outdated multifamily dwellings for this repurpose.

      1. J

        Criminalizing homelessness is a new kind of discrimination. Way to go Florida.

        1. Terri S

          Look who the Governor is

        2. Rose

          Homeless people have littered the public streets with their mess. St. Augustine has a huge homeless population. However most of them find a place to go with the wooded areas- many live in tents.

          The law is about not allowing them to sleep on city streets-littering the sidewalks in public areas. Many are drunk or on drugs that put tourists and citizens in danger due to their behaviors.

        3. Dorrie

          DeSantis is evil!

    3. Sandra Watson Carlson

      Absolutely a Disney problem and they should come up with an affordable answer!

      1. The Natives

        How many percent of employees have been arrested for sexual misconduct and other related crimes. See all the time when Grady Judd runs those sting operations. How many percent of those homeless are alphabet people? Disney is a cancer and they need to leave. Just like the people that support them.

        1. Trish

          Sexual predators, shut it down? Ok, shut down churches, schools and every industry too.
          If Disney leaves, the entire Florida economy crumbles, housing market tanks etc.

      2. Renee

        Absolutely caused by a right wing governor who caters to his wealthy donors . Criminalizing homeless people is fascists.

        1. And if you think Biden isn’t one to cater to his wealthy donors, you are mistaken, as well.

        2. Cheryl Brogan

          Get busy fixing up your garage girl!

    4. Erin Wilhite

      This has nothing to do with Desantis Disney needs to pay a living wage.

      1. Jeannette

        What is a living wage? People said that Disney should pay them more. They’re already getting at least $16/hour. The problem is with working at Disney it’s a part time job. But your schedule changed every week making it difficult to work for someone else at the same time. People are free to leave Disney and find a better paying job or a full time job. Everything is going up thanks to Biden. Florida is probably like CA expensive to live in. I know of a Disney cast member who sleeps in his car by choice. He has a lot of credit card debt that he’s trying to pay off. He said by not having rent he is able to put more money to his cards. What’s to say that some DW cast members have chosen the same thing.

        1. Renee

          Without people willing to work for less than the ability to afford living is going to make it hard for a corporation to run . People shouldn’t be homeless if they are working. This goes back to a need for affordable housing to compete with corporate greed . Something a corporate funded governor would never agree too. Besides criminalizing homelessness fills the beds of his private jails and prisons donors .

          1. Cheryl

            If your in jail your not homeless.

    5. Lisa

      Well said

    6. Cashbacher

      Is this what Walt had in mind?

      1. Marie

        With all the land owned by Disney why don’t the build facilities for the workers. What about adding rooms to the hotels they have.

        1. Ssky

          Absolutely correct…or close a hotel and refit it as housing for workers.
          The garage idea is terrible. What about plumbng?

          1. Rob

            Exactly what I was thinking. It would ne a pretty huge expense to add a bathroom with plumbing onto a concrete slab

      2. Adam

        Just a simple question,
        is anyone MAKING THESE people work at a low paying job, that puts them in this financial situation?
        I decided I needed to find a better paying job to avoid this problem myself. Not once did I think it was anyone’s problem but my own.

      3. Cheryl Brogan

        My God even Mt Rushmore has dorms for workers and SD.isnt a rich state.

    7. Kristen

      Why doesn’t Disney, open a small tiny home community with 1-2 yr leases for their employees to get ahead. I’ve seen the commercials that they put their employees thru collage, you would think that this would be more important and a high priority. Shame on Disney.

    8. Irie

      So why does a major multi-billion dollar corporation like Disney not pay their employees a livable wage? And forget livable, what about just enough to be able to get a hotel room or rent a room with someone else’s house? These people are literally paid so low a wage that ,while going to work every day, they still have to live in their car… which now, the city they live in won’t even allow them to do that while they’re working for one of the largest money makers for that area. This is the problem with employers. They just don’t want to pay their employees. It’s all for shareholders and profits. It’s like the only way to survive anymore is just to have your own source of income.
      Shame on you, Disney!

    9. Lisa

      Maybe Disney should pay their employees more?! Might solve the problem! Wake up Disney give your employees a living wage!

    10. Julie

      Disney can definitely afford to build housing for their employees!! They can build huge resorts that literally overcharge by the thousands as well as their theme parks. When I worked for amusement parks in the past housing was part of the compensation package!

    11. Dave 62

      Well I would think that if I don’t have enough money to rent an apartment I would find another job or find another working homeless person or 2 to go together and rent something affordable and split bills. Then save $ and then move out on your own. Kinda like growing up and being responsible for yourself

    12. Jerry

      Disney has more then enough land to build tiny home communities, that can house only their employees. But the bigger question is are they paying them a fair and livable wage.

    13. Mike

      Disney has the means to build housing for employees. DeSantis doesn’t. The Florida tax payers would be forced to pick up the cost if he did.

    14. Jdd

      So sad to have a job at Disney World, if you don’t like fun you can work at the Walmart nearby, and you can sleep there too…

  2. Disney built places for the college program; why not let these people live there also.

    1. Tony

      The housing for the college intern program is huge money for Disney. They cram 6 people in a 3 bedroom appartment and charge each of them $800 a month rent. The appartments are small and out- dated. But make the company huge money

  3. Eddy

    Hmmm no interviews with these homeless cast members, all I’ve seen is privileged theater kids.

    1. William

      Spot on!

      1. Jerry

        I agree

  4. Tinsley

    It is disgusting and shameful that Disney, a company that takes in billions in profits each year, is somehow unable to pay their hardworking employees a living wage! It’s outrageous and should be illegal. This is like slave labor and morally wrong. I will no longer visit their parks, just like I stopped shopping at Walmart many years ago.

  5. Peyton

    I am betting Disney didn’t want this to come out. Disney can help but now may be forced to. Make it nationwide news and they do something.

    1. sara

      You must be super intelligent to believe this. Please don’t breed

      1. Christy

        Disney built many hotels, condos, and vacation rentals that they are making a mint off of. They used to house their employees in them, even while charging them rent. If they don’t want to give up a little of their profits to take care of their employees, maybe pay them an amount that will allow them to live a decent life. God knows that Disney requires enough of their employees
        They could at least pay them enough to live on. It is not the responsibility of homeowners in Osceola County, Orange County, or the Governor to house these people.

        Florida is notorious for paying people like they live in po-dunk Iowa and charging them like they live in Manhattan. And a lot of that stems from Disney setting the hospitality pay scale so low that it drives the median income in Central Florida WAY DOWN.

      2. Jeff

        Just think…if Disney had not wasted billions of dollars on Woke lame poorly written movies and tv shows, then they could afford to pay their employees living wages.

  6. Mimi

    Glad our Governor is not allowing our state to be another Vslifornia or New York. Disney should deal with providing affordable living arrangements for their employees. Also our Federal Govt has many plans in place for low income housing including plan 8. Stop blaming DiSantis for protecting us from becoming the nuisance that ENCAMPMENT has become in Calif and NY

    1. Vesta Moore

      Disney should build dorms. Section 8 only has so much funding and people don’t like tying their property up when there is a real likelihood of it getting trashed.

      1. Theresa

        Disney should build something for these people!! Not like they can’t afford it.

        1. Claudia

          Maybe people should just be paid a livable wage?

          1. Dan

            Maybe people should live within their means, maybe you should strive to better yourself to get more opportunities, maybe if you choose to not do these things maybe you should stop making excuses.

    2. Santora

      I’ll blame anyone who’s in charge of housing, which includes local and state, that includes the Florida governor. I’m don’t even live in the state and he gives me headaches.

      1. Mike

        This is very sad, but why don’t people stop taking jobs that can’t pay for their housing and food? You know if people didn’t want to work at Disney, bc it paid so little, then Disney would have to pay more. I blame these peoples’ parents who didn’t teach them how to achieve their life goals.

        1. Lil

          You do realize most jobs in Florida are hospitality, don’t you? And since covid, the price of food, gas, shelter has only increased and wages haven’t kept up. At least they work and try to be productive. Employers need to pay more. It’s their obligation.

          1. sfcpres

            Nobody is forcing these people to work at Disney. If you don’t make enough you must change your situation. You do know these people are also unionized, where is there representation?

            Employers don’t have an obligation to pay more. Market dictates based on skill or labor pool. In addition “a living wage” is a misnomer- what is a a livable wage for one is not the same for another.

      2. Christy

        It is not the states fault. You don’t live here. You aren’t affected by it. Have you ever been to Orlando? Or Disney? Have you seen the prices they charge? They raise the price to their parks EVERY YEAR and sometimes twice a year. I don’t know how people can afford to bring a family to Disney for a weeklong vacation without mortgaging their life.

        Disney used to house their employees, especially the college kids and minorities who couldn’t afford to live in a regular apartment. The Governor of Florida is the last one to blame for this. He is trying to HELP the employees by making Disney do what is right. Disney has gotten away with way too many things for far too long and Desantis doesn’t play with them. He treats them like everyone else and expects them to take care of their people instead of skating by and breaking the law every chance they get.

      3. Jerry

        That’s because your a liberal leftist. Always wanting welfare.

    3. Jerry

      Disney should be on this years ago shame on them this would be a drop in the money bucket for them

    4. Sam

      I think the problem will be solved better if we don’t play the blame game. I’m sure that Disney could afford to put up affordable housing themselves instead of expecting the government to solve its problem. Or maybe they should take some of those millions of dollars that they get and pay their employees a livable wage. I think Walt would be embarrassed. You should pay employees a different wage depending on what area you live in if you’re in a very expensive area you should be paying your employees more so they can afford to live.

    5. Denversolo

      I truly hope you end up in financial hardships bad enough that just existing is made illegal for you, too.

      1. Jerry

        Maybe you should work hard everyday for 50 years like I have never been unemployed, and never taken welfare. Then you won’t be in this situation.

    6. Renee

      Me too , it’s great that Ron made being poor or homeless illegal . That will help fill the beds of those privately owned jails and prisons that so many of his donors run and own .

    7. Renee

      His private prison donors are popping Champagne at the notion of how much money they are going to make imprisoning homeless people .

    8. Renee

      No , Florida is now more like Hungary and other authoritarian dictatorship nations that criminalize the poor and homeless. You must be very proud.

      1. Cheryl Brogan

        If your in jail your not homeless.

      2. Cheryl Brogan

        Aww Hungary is one of the safest and cleanest places in the world.

    9. Renee

      No , Florida is now more like Hungary and other authoritarian countries with similar policies against homelessness.

  7. Marjorie Costantino

    In reading this you get the impression that it is only Disney Cast Members that are homeless. So no employees of Universal or Seaworld are homeless. Homelessness in Central Florida is a real problem, not limited to Disney. There are many motels that can and should be used to help with this problem. Disney pays more than many other places in the area. The state doesn’t seem to care about this problem.

    1. Jerry

      Why should the state fix the problem. If the state cost of living is too high then move to another state. I left commi California for the very reason.

  8. Alicia

    I’m not trying to be heartless. I have worked for Disney and working for Disney is not a full time job. Especially knowing the pay that they offer, one must not rely on only a Disney check. Everyone is quick to blame Disney for their employees hardships. Yes, they should pay more, but after all this time, it’s not going to happen overnight. Many apply for the experience and perks. Those two things do not pay bills. Would I go back to work for them if the opportunity arises? Yes. But, I have another job to support myself and provide what’s necessary. Would I want more money? Of course! Hopefully someday, that can change. Maybe the next CEO will have a heart and understand what is needed, but until then, Disney is not responsible for providing homes.

  9. Krall

    Pay your employees more! You can definitely afford it Disney!



  11. Kim

    This is so sad to hear. The theme parks should have to provide some kind of housing for their employees that are homeless. It’s not like they can’t afford it. Their employees work hard for them.

  12. Lindsey l

    If you have a job why are you homeless? Your job should be paying you more than. As being homeless twice I get it. It sucks. You shouldn’t have to sleep in your car. It’s not safe anyways. Blaming someone else because your homeless doesn’t help. But if Kissimmee knew they had a homeless problem for years then they should have built shelters or affordable housing years ago. Just ask for the funding. That has nothing to do with Our Governor.

  13. Slak

    So, you’re saying there’s 8k homeless Disney employees? How much you want to bet?!

  14. C-Lei

    This is a problem of Disney’s own making and Disney should solve it at THEIR EXPENSE, not taxpayers. Taxpayers should not be subsidizing Disney’s payroll the way Walmart is subsidized with employees getting SNAP and other benefits.

  15. Disney has enough land to build units for worker and charge a lower rent fee. It would help the employees and also make a happier work place.

  16. Diana

    How about Disney make one of their hotels into a place for their employees. Or build housing somewhere specifically for their employees.

    1. Jerry

      In your state Ringling Brothers has a hotel for people who worked for them, so Disney can do it. They have much more resources

  17. Rose

    Affordable housing here in Northeast Florida has been priced at 1200 for a one bedroom- that is still too high for most low income people.
    What is needed form like housing and Studio apartments would be more affordable then more expensive condos. City government and state government and federal government are out of touch with what it’s really affordable for the majority of low income families.

    1. Jerry

      I say your governor should mandate Disney house all of there employees for free. But then you libs would call him a dictator. Every state with high welfare cost is close to bankruptcy. Unlike AOC thinks you can’t just print more money without an even worse negative outcome. It’s called inflation just so you libs understand. That’s what’s the dems are giving you now.

  18. Mary Haynes

    Why doesnt Disney build affordable housing for Employees! They can afford it and will still make billions! It’s a no brainer!

  19. Alan

    Disney is a corporation and their primary objective is to increase shareholder value. Affordable housing does not increase shareholder value. Now most of these comments say this entity or that entity has to build the Affordable housing. My question is were would you build it. I guarantee that all the NIMBY people in the nearest subdivision would be at a council meeting to complain that the Affordable housing will bring down their property values, increase traffic congestion and overflow their schools. Homelessness in the USA is a major social problem that as a first world country we should be able to over come but their are political barriers and misconceptions to overcome before we could reach that point. And then somebody has to pay for it.

    1. Jerry

      You just might want to look at their stock. The woke agendas and bad movies have made them lose billions. So that plan ain’t working.

  20. Sanctimonious strikes again. His making honest but unfortunate homelessness illegal is a crime against humanity in itself. I lived in Florida for 11 years and loved it there but wouldn’t even consider doing so now.

    1. Jerry

      Please tell, and how has the governor made that happen. People are moving there by the groves. By the way we’re you homeless? If not probably not.

  21. Nikki

    Legalize Marijuana and tax it and use funds to help the homeless. If y’all had I wouldn’t have had to come to Colorado to get help with my mental health.

    1. Jerry

      If you you stopped doing drugs. Maybe your mental health would get better. Legalizing drugs just shows your stupidity

  22. Sam

    Disney could even put up dormitories like colleges used to have

  23. Sharon

    How can you blame Bidenomics? All stales have had and will continue to have homeless. Florida’s governor solved the problem by making it illegal to be homeless. Not solving just forcing them to leave the State for a more compassionate place. And since Florida now controls Disney they should figure out how to house them. Disney was a great destination place until the government took control. It brought in a lot of revenue but under the new management it isn’t fairing so well!

  24. TacoCat

    This garage idea is not in effect yet. It is only in the “study” phase. This could cause problems for neighborhoods.

  25. Moxie

    As someone who lived in Central Florida for 35 years Disney is getting an awful lot of government handouts and giving themselves bonuses. They fail to pay employees a living wage. A living wage in Florida being at least $20 an hour. They will definitely s(rew over employees as much as possible. It took forever for employees to be able to get paid for walk time which can be 30 to 45 minutes each way. They had to sue and of course Disney dragged it out for years.

  26. Craig

    It’s not Disney’s responsibility to furnish the cast members housing, except college students that are here for work. The college students live in very nice dorms. Florida builder’s and apartment leasing companies have just got greedy especially since Covid started. Next thing you know Disney will be blamed for the home insurance problem we have. Just blame Disney for everything bad. If Disney weren’t here this part of the state would still be driving on dirt roads.

  27. Janell

    First, no one should have to experience homelessness. That being said, many of Disney park jobs are part time, as are many lower paying jobs, which means employees may need to work two jobs, and perhaps have a roommate, to have a place to live. It is not just a Disney problem but a problem in many other places.

  28. Nancy

    Disney should built dorms inside their parks to house their employees who can’t afford housing. Maybe also have a cafeteria for their workers to obtain inexpensive meals.

  29. JamaicaJoe

    Very bad idea. It will lead to some dangerous housing arrangements, parking problems, public safety problems and a destruction of single family homes. The “rules” like having a homeowner exemption appear to be aimed at keeping corporations from buying houses and converting them, however, corporations are buying up properties at a distressing rate and converting them to rentals for unrelated people to live in many bedrooms. Don’t allow this to happen. The solution is to force a livable wage. Corporations like Disney need many workers but they do not want to pay benefits or a livable wage. Thus there are many homeless folks trying to live in poverty conditions. Maybe Reedy Creek should build some affordable housing and pay a decent wage. It would be a win win for all.

    1. Renee

      I agree they should pay a more living wage. At the same time there needs to be a cap forced upon on landlords because all they will do is raise the rents .

  30. Jor

    Disney has enough land and money to build employee housing on its property without invading neighborhoods

  31. Punkin

    Limit Short Term Rentals and that would solve a lot of homelessness

  32. Al

    This is a set trap for a lot of families have been forced out when the cost of living has risen without control rent and all the normal necessities are constantly going up every couple of months insurance bills pampers baby formula and the economy stated that the average Floridan needs to make 37 dollars hourly and minimum wage is under 20 dollars hr then we have a recipe for disaster. when we send billions of dollars to serve other countries like Ukraine Israel and funding wars to genocide innocent civilians. When we open the borders non-stop for all these illegal immigrants to come in and then we give them money to come into a country and bring all their other family members what did you expect to happen the government knows this and is planning to take the homes of as many people as it can and put them into forecloser so that the investment companies can buy these at wholesale price and then fix them up and rent them out for outrageous profit then Americans are being bamboozled for the benefit of the few billionaires that are doing dirty business at the cost of the working class. AI is going to destroy the economy cause only a few are benefiting while the masses are criminalized in moral when this backfires there will be hell to pay im getting information from people that I take to work daily as a shared Ride driver I get all the stories from hard working people that have two or more jobs to put food on the table. So the homeless are not Joe shmo it’s mother’s and fathers that are being bamboozled. I’m also a retired military. A Veteran that has served proudly home of the free and the brave one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all if anyone cares about those words.

  33. Marie

    With all the land owned by Disney why don’t they build facilities for the workers. What about adding rooms to the hotels they have. Just make sure that the workers get overcharged for their rooms.

  34. Jeff

    Just think…if Disney had not wasted billions of dollars on Woke lame poorly written movies and tv shows, then they could afford to pay their employees living wages.

  35. Nicole

    These people are going to die in someones garage from heat exhaustion when the temperatures rise this summer. I wouldn’t keep my dog in the garage. Use some common sense!!

  36. Kristen

    I looked into working at the park as a Disney Princess years ago. I was shocked at how low the pay was. I made WAY more working for an agency where I did a similar but easier version. The Disney Princesses are often outside in the heat, many of them have to sing, dance & act too. They are a big part of the park experience. Disney is definitely taking advantage of people.

    1. Rachel

      Last I knew the Starcruiser was empty.

  37. Daniel Taylor

    If there is their car sleeping and not causing trouble, why is the city bothering them. Let them alone and let them sleep. This is pathetic for the city officials to do this crap.

  38. Sharon Allen

    Why can’t Disney build housing units for the employees of the park like other vacation venue do.

  39. Disneypoo

    Most people in this comment section are uneducated and truly have no clue what they’re talking about. It’s BOTH DESANTIS AND DISNEY.

    And so this page posts this, when are you content creators gonna grow up and stop supporting this company? You’re just as complicit.

  40. Lynn

    Why is this a government problem? It sounds more like a Disney problem. If 10% of their cast members are homeless, maybe they should build affordable housing for them. Disney has plenty of land for it. And they certainly have the funding. It shouldn’t be up to the local governments to solve the problem.

  41. Ken

    Why can’t Disney take 20 acres and put mini homes on them and charge 700 a month or less for employees.

  42. AH

    i have known several companies that have purchased defunked motels, brought them back to code, and then use them as accommodations for their employees. plenty of those around WDW.

  43. Brandi

    Or here’s an idea, Disney with their BILLIONS of dollars that they regularly bring in should be forced to pay their employees a living wages based on the economy of that area

  44. Richard

    Maybe get rid of all the foreigners and “Refugees” and see how much more is available. We help other countries and ethnicities but we don’t take care of our own. We need a good solid 5-10yrs of no immigration and not sending money to other countries to fund wars.

  45. Jdd

    Next it will be Migrants)illeagals in their minds,, and no matter what people say,, no one wants homeless people outside their job or home,,

  46. Dorrie

    With all the money that Disney has, why doesn’t it build an affordable housing unit for their cast members that need it? They don’t pay their cast members enough to live on.

  47. Jane

    No homeowner should be expected to convert their garage into living space to solve the homeless Disney employee situation. I cannot see this working out well at all. Disney is taking in enough money to provide a decent home to its employees who cannot afford it. Even a college dorm setup would work. As it is, Disney cast members are underpaid. Affordable housing can be a condition in the hiring process. If they want cast members to make others happy, they need to keep their cast members happy.

  48. Klc

    Why doesn’t Disney have off site housing for those that can’t afford to live in today’s economy.. Disney should be providing for the people that make the magic…

  49. Trish

    Hmmm. Maybe Disney could pay living wages? Maybe they could take the 100s of millions they earn just on parking to create affordable apartments for their employees.
    Constantly, multibillion dollar corporations leave their employees behind, expecting others to foot the bill.

  50. Dawn Lang

    Heres a novel idea. How about Disney pay their employees a living wage?

  51. Archer

    Why didn’t Disney build dormitories for these people 30 years ago

  52. Christy

    This is Disney fault, the cost of living there is outrageous, because of the attraction that bring million of ppl to the area. Would you want these ppl sleeping outside on your street, some may be great ppl and having issue afford housing but the stress can lead to ppl doing things that they may not do if they weren’t in the situation, leading to drug abuse drinking etc I wouldn’t want them outside my home and my children having to walk by them to the school bus, this will make Disney and the counties to take action by making this public , these employees definitely should not be able to afford housing Disney step and take care of your employees that make you millions every year

  53. Betty

    Disney needs to pay their people enough money so they can afford rent and food. One of my kids work his but off for Disney world for years and got paid crap and was homeless and had to sleep in his car for a while because they treat these kids who work hard for them as less then dirt shame on you guys.

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