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Two characters from "Stranger Things" face each other intently in a clinical room with a rainbow-striped wall behind them; one in a blood-spattered white shirt, the other in a hospital gown

Credit: Netflix


  1. It’s been 37 years since the last season. No one cares anymore. Don’t even bother.

    1. Stephanie

      I agree with Joseph. Why would you just admit to dragging out what used to be the best show on television so you could write a play? It already cost you at least one star. Now it’s going to cost your loyal audience as well.

  2. Shelby Johnson

    It is very hard to wait so long to find out what happens to all of the characters we love and hate. With a series as unique, well written and performed as this one is, the final season is sure to be amazing! I am very sad to see it ending but I have hope that one day they may make a show that branches off from the original show. Maybe even a show that is completely different from Stranger Things but yet one as unique, imaginative and frankly hard to stop watching 👀! Keep it up Duffer Brothers!❤

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